Scottish Championships 2010


Kinloch, Rannoch, PH16 5QA. OS Grid Reference: NN615564
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In and around Rannoch, a local guide.

Scottish Championships Trophies and Mementos

Class Trophy 2010 winner
M10 Wooden and Silver Shield Joseph Wright MAROC
M12 Silver Cup Callum Hunter ECKO
M14 Wooden Trophy (Eagle) M13/14 Matthew Galloway INT
M16 Wooden Shield Robert Patterson CLYDE (4th)
M18 Pewter Tankard (Int Men) Graham Hemingway WCOC (3rd)
M20 Shield (Junior Cup) Milk MB Huw Stradling EUOC
M21L Wooden Plaque (new 2002) Brian McCarthy BASOC
M21E Silver Cup Jegor Kostylev INT
M21Nat Silver Cup Native Scot Douglas Tullie EUOC (2nd)
M21E Gwen Mayor Trophy – 1st Scot Club Jegor Kostylev INT
M35 Silver Cup Roger Goddard FVO
M40 Silver Cup (Wm Younger M43)  Ben Stansfield FVO (2nd)
M45 Wooden Goblet (GRAMP) Dave Robertson CLYDE
M50 Silver Cup Martin Dean FVO and John Tullie RR (jointly)
M55 Silver/Wood Plaque Eddie Harwood MOR
M60 Octagonal Wooden Andy Tivendale MAROC
M65 Octagonal Wooden Neil Mclean GRAMP
M70 Mounted Small Silvery Plaque Bill Melville TAY
M75 The LOCHOC Boulder (new 2005) Adrian Hope BASOC (2nd
W10 Silver Cup Eloise Lardet FVO
W12 Antlers Abigail Mason MAROC
W14 Wooden mounted Katrina Hemingway WCOC
W16 Picture Rona Lindsay ESOC
W18 Wooden Shield Kirstin Maxwell RR
W20 Silver Cup (W19 Trophy) Hazel Wright EUOC
W21L Quaich Myra Mcadam STAG
W21E Carol Mcneill Stag Trophy Catherine Taylor EUOC
W21Nat Shield Native Scot Sarah Dunn MAROC (6th)
W21E Gwen Mayor Trophy 1st Scot Club Catherine Taylor EUOC
W35 Silver Cup (Wm Younger) Mary Ross INT
W40 Silver Cup (Wm Younger) Rona Molloy FVO
W45 Wooden Goblet (GRAMP) Carolyn Mcleod GRAMP
W50 Silver Cup Christine Patterson CLYDE (2nd)
W55 Octagonal Wooden Mary Williams ESOC (2nd)
W60 Octagonal Wooden Liz Godfree DVO
W65 Silver Cup Eleanor Pyrah ESOC
W70 Quaich Norma Coutts ESOC
W75 no trophy no award
Relay classes
Class Trophy 2010 Winner
Open Rose Bowl EUOC Legends
W Open Silver Cup FVO Forth Fancies
BOF 40- Quaich (2004, INVOC) INVOC Question Marks
BOF 48- Quaich (2004, CUNOC) INT Boys
Handicap Handicap Quaich (2005, East Area) MAROC 'Ard (Handicap 12+)
6+ points no trophy SYO
9+ points no trophy FVO
12+ points no trophy MAROC
15+ points no trophy GRAMP
18+ points no trophy ESOC

Permanent trophies were awarded to the first Scot in each age category (except W75 for which no trophy currently exists).

For this purpose members of Scottish open Clubs shall be automatically recognised as “Scots”. Other orienteers wishing to be classed as “Scottish”, such as those born in Scotland or long-term Scottish residents currently living outside Scotland or competing for their university, needed to make their status known to the Trophy Coordinator Stephen Wilson (s.k.wilson’at’ before the weekend.

For the M and W Elite classes there are three trophies – Winner, Scottish Native Champion and best Scottish Orienteering Association Member. Scottish Native Champions must have been born in Scotland and not just member of a Scottish club.

Mementos (special event mugs bearing a design by Rachel Scott) were awarded to the top three in all junior classes (i.e. both A and B classes) regardless of “orienteering nationality” and to the winners (only) of all senior classes (i.e. L, S and E) regardless of “nationality”.

We also awarded special certificates to the top three in all classes (junior and senior).

Scottish Relay Championships Trophies and Mementos

Permanent trophies were awarded to the winning teams in the Men’s Open, Women’s Open, Handicap, BOF 40- and BOF 48- categories, and mementos were awarded to the members of the winning team in all nine relay classes (i.e. Men’s Open, Women’s Open, BOF 40-, BOF 48-, Handicap 6, Handicap 9, Handicap 12, Handicap 15 and Handicap 18).

Trophy Coordinator, Stephen Wilson.



Organiser – Kate Thomas CLYDE
Planners – Robin, Liz & Hollie Orr CLYDE
Controller – John Bettinson LOC
World Ranking Event Advisor – Ted Finch FVO
Main Start(s) – Dougie Condy AYROC


Organiser – Dave Coustick FVO
Planner – Andy Dale ECKO
Controller – Colin Eades INT

Central Organisation

Co-ordinator – Donald Petrie CLYDE
Treasurer – Alastair Dunlop CLYDE
Entries (both days) – Andrew & Claire MacPherson CLYDE
Trophy Coordinator (both days) – Steve Wilson CLYDE
Web Site – Paul Frost ECKO

West Area Contacts

Secretary – Terry O’Brien STAG
Treasurer – Lorna Young TINTO

String Course participants



Name Age Club Time
Caitlin 3 CLYDE 21.23
Michael 6 CLYDE 19.05
Lindsay 10 CLYDE 6.22
Thomas 12 CLYDE 5.44
Kirsten 5 CLYDE 12.45
Kirsty 6   17.25
Thomas 4   17.25
Sam 6 GRAMP 5.35
Oliver 6 months GRAMP 27.09
Noah 3 GRAMP 27.43
Kirsty 5 GRAMP 15.02
Morven 5 GRAMP 15.15
Ollie 2 INT 30.45
James 4 INT 15.44
Ben 5 INT 19.32
Charlotte 3 INT 23.45
Freya 2   34.24
Finly 5 1/2 TAY 11.02
Craig 9 TAY 5.43
John 9 MAROC 5.35
Nianh 8 INVOC 5.17
Alison 9 TAY 8.43
Jamie 2 1/2 FVO 18.01
Euan 5 1/2 MAROC 6.19
Fiona 5 INT 13.06
Mairi 9 INT 8.58
Ellen 8 FVO 7.56
Euan 5 FVO 6.29
James 4 3/4 INT 15.07
Ailsa 1 BK 19.43
Euan 5 1/2 MAROC 7.05
Ewan 12 MAROC 7.09
Thomas 4    INT 12.15
Mathew 6 INT 7.47
Jamie 11    ESOC 7.47
Ben 1 INT 22.12
Freya 3    SYO 20.14
Euan 5 SYO 7.02
Jamie 5    FVO 7
Niamh 9 TAY 4.45
Alison 8    INVOC 6.05
Fiona 7 AYROC 6.25
Kirsty 10    AYROC 4.48
Fergus 11 AYROC 4.3
Claire 11    FVO 5.09
Lizzie 8 FVO 5.3
Tom 10    ECKO 3.48
Callum 10 ECKO 4.18
Callum 13    INVOC 4.29
Duncan 4 MOR 12.49
Josie 8    GRAMP 9
Samuel 11 INT 3.41
Alex 12    INT 3.35
Laurence 2 ESOC 19.08
Pippa 7    INT 7.23
Emily 8 ECKO 6.14
Daniel 8    ECKO 5.12
Emma 10 ECKO 10.03
Aiden 2 1/2 ECKO 24.12
Lucy 4 FVO 15.18
Katie 2    FVO 15.27
Thomas 10 BK 6.02
Eilidh 9    ECKO 4.38
Rona 6 ECKO 5.37
Roanne 10    ECKO 4.36
Anja 11 ECKO 5.21
Ceri 9    ECKO 5.43
Joe 8 SYO 5.07
Yasmin 10    SYO 4.43