The Relay Event is based at the Accommodation at Dounans Centre. If not staying at the accommodation, parking will be self-park in Aberfoyle. 5/10 minute walk from there to the camp. This walk crosses the competition area so entry is only allowed up to 10am on the route marked in blue (faint!) below. Parking in the Aberfoyle main car park is free but if parking in the town itself please park sensibly and be considerate to the local residents.

Location map

Overview of the Relay Competition Centre

The Assembly is adjacent to the Accommodation. Teams will be asked to spectate in the assembly area unless changing in accommodation.

Warm up is restricted to the parking area and assembly, as indicated on the warm-up map.

The competition passes through Dounans Centre and there will be controls in the area. Although competitors are allowed into accommodation blocks, in the interest of fairness, competitors are requested to spectate in the assembly area when not competing.

Club tents may be pitched in the assembly area. Toilets will be available as part of Dounans Centre.

There is outdoor adventure equipment around Dounans Centre. Please do not climb on the equipment.

Any late changes to relay teams must be submitted to the organisers before 10am on the day of the race. Changes to teams can be made in the assembly at the download tent.

Race Numbers

Numbers must be worn. Without a number you will not be handed a map at the map issue tent. Each team bag will contain 3 different coloured bib numbers and correspond to this leg order: Leg 1 = Red, Leg 2 = White, Leg 3 = Blue.

Details of the Terrain

South Achray is a mixture of deciduous runnable woodland, plantation forest slope and open areas with significant coverings of undergrowth. The terrain has contour detail throughout and some parts can be wet and marshy underfoot. A map extract is shown on the right.


BrackenOn the right is an example part of the map with bracken (ferns) covering the area. This vegetation is head high and not recommended to be crossed. Courses have been planned to cross these areas only through the use of a path network, open marshes or runnable woodland. Some paths are indistinct.

There is a small river that runs through the middle of the area. After heavy rainfall this river can rise significantly and be dangerous to cross. Courses have been planned to cross the river at crossing points which will be marked on the map and ground. This will be via a bridge at one of the crossings and a rope will be available to provide assistance at the other. Any competitors crossing the river at a location other than these marked points will be disqualified.

The men’s course passes close to a golf course, please be aware of stray flying golf balls.


Relay legs1:7500, 5m contours, surveyed by GG Maps December 2015.

Because of the small size and intricate nature of the area each relay leg will be split into two parts. ‘Part 1’ and ‘Part 2’ will be clearly labelled with both parts printed on one side of A3.

An example of the map layout and the course layout is given on the right. Note there is no taped route from Part 1 to Part 2 and there is no start triangle for Part 2 which begins at the last control of Part 1.

Control Descriptions

Control descriptions will only be on the map. Each part of the course will only display the control descriptions that relate to the course displayed on that part of the map.

Course Data

Distance, Climb, Controls, Expected Leg Leading Time

Women’s Relay 4.8-4.9km, 150m, 24, 35 minutes

Men’s Relay 5.7-5.8km, 190m, 27-28, 35 minutes


10:50 – Call Up Men 11:00 – Men’s Start

11:10 – Call Up Women 11:20 – Women’s Start

Relay and Handover Procedure

Call up for leg 1 runners will be at -10 minutes at which point runners will need to clear and check their SI-Air card. Leg 1 runners will be issued their maps and directed to their positions behind the start line. Runners will not be allowed to open their map until the start has been called.

Incoming runners on legs 1 and 2 will drop their map and then collect the map for their outgoing runner from the map board in the arena. They will hand over this new map to the outgoing runner and then proceed to the finish. Team maps will be set out on the map board in team number order with the Men’s courses ranging from 1 to 30 and Women’s from 51 to 80.

Runners on leg 1 and 2 will have a separate finish chute to runners on leg 3 and this will be clearly marked on the ground. Leg 3 runners must run down their marked chute and cross the finish line as normal.

Leg 2 and 3 runners must enter the change-over area in good time before their incoming runner arrives. They will need to clear and check their SI card as they enter. Incoming runners’ numbers will not be called. Runners will be able to watch their teammates approaching the final control from the change-over area and anticipate their finish time.

For last leg runners, finishing positions will be determined by order across the finish line which is just before the finish control. Please SI-Air punch in order after crossing the finish line. There will be a finish marshal to adjudicate on finish places.

Maps will be collected at the finish in team plastic bags.

Mini Mass start

If necessary a mini mass start will happen at 13:30 Men and Women combined.

Spectator Control

Both men’s and women’s courses pass close to the assembly area with two visible “run-throughs” on each course. Runners will be crossing the route between the accommodation and relay assembly so please be aware of high-speed competitors. The time from the second run-through to change-over is expected to take 3 to 4 minutes.

Other Forest Users

There will be other users of the forest area while the competition is taking place. Please be courteous to walkers, runners, cyclists and horse riders.

Assembly Layout


All participants take part at their own risk. There is a small river that runs through the area, after wet weather the river can be high and dangerous to cross. Competitors must cross the river at the designated crossing points.

All participants must report to download at the end of their course, whether they have completed it or not.

First aid will be administered from the assembly by a qualified first aider.

Spectator Event

There will be a mass start spectator event using the relay courses for those who have pre-entered. This is likely to start after 13:30 and before 14:00 depending on JEC relay outcomes.