Tiomila training weekend (16/03/2014)
Category: Training
Map/area: Brunefall
Country: Sweden
Distance: 7.3 km
Time: 69:05
Hesitant and not making plans ahead but had a plan for each leg and looked up and saw what I wanted. Only exception was leaving 6 - I hadn't fully decided how much of the course to do, but I felt good so decided to continue to 7 however I hadn't really thought of my plan - where I wanted to go or how I would get there so I just blindly went vaguely in the right direction for 100m before getting a grip and decided to find the path. I slightly missed at the end of the leg on 7 too, I should have planned to aim slightly right of the control and know what I would see on the slope not being a little bamboozled when I got there. In this terrain I feel the plan and description is really required and picking a good line in the terrain with the help of the compass as guidance rather than needing only compass. I wonder if left would have been faster to 11?
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Tiomila training weekend (16/03/2014) Tiomila training weekend (16/03/2014)