Andulacia O Meeting 2014 (15/02/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: El Portil
Country: Spain
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 5.87 km
Time: 35:23
In some ways a good race I was smooth in and out of 85% of the controls. I was in control of my emotions for once, I made a big mistake but I stayed calm and didn't let it disturb the rest of my race. Yes 4 was a disaster I didn't compensate for going round the hill near the start of the leg or have a good enough picture of the control to just run on my compass. I made a couple of bananas which I didn't notice at the time and aren't major but aren't the most effective route and 18 I didn't have a good enough picture of the control or good enough plan at the end of my leg so I dropped down one hill to early and got a little confused. However to focus on the good bits I felt calm at the start of the race in control of my emotions and focussed throughout. I made positive decisions and kept my head up throughout. To be honest it's not quite the result I wanted, quite a way down on the winners but it is a start and somethings will get better through doing some more races this spring - quicker decision making, flowing through the controls, the race terrain speed that I can stay in control of my technque at.
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Andulacia O Meeting 2014 (15/02/2014) Andulacia O Meeting 2014 (15/02/2014)