Long (12/02/2014)
Category: Training
Map/area: La Brena Barbate
Organiser: Sun O
Country: Spain
Discipline: Long
Distance: 13.39 km
Time: 105:31
Was trying to keep my mind focussed on what it was doing as noticed that actually most time loss is when you stand still at a control no idea where you are exactly so focus on what I am doing and where I am seeing. This also comes from this mornings sprint where I have no idea what I was thinking about half the time. When I am orienteering it should be on orienteering. Focus was good to start but 12 triggered a loss in focus and 14 I just wanted to keep moving but I didn't know where I was. SO i re ran the leg later instead of 17 and 18.
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Long (12/02/2014)