Gof natt cup 2 repeat (18/10/2013)
Category: Training
Map/area: Ruddalen
Organiser: GMOK
Country: Sweden
Distance: 5.65 km
Time: 45:25
Average HR: 148
Maximum HR: 167
So I did wednesday night race again. It really showed what a difference being calm and focussed does to your orienteering. I still stopped to plan but this time I made fuller plans and felt more happy coming into controls. That is not to say I was perfect. My compass is still wiggly, i still overcomplicate things by coming round the side of hills rather than coming off a junction on my compass straight into a control, doing that is going to take a big shift in my thinking. I can see why it is useful to do but I am in such a groove of going round. It just takes a little effort/thought when planning to go straight from the junction/ap on my compass rather than dodging round. The planning on the whole was better I tended to know what I wanted to see and see or slow down if I didn't however a couple of dodgy routes 5 was wiggly, and 10 I look at that now and have no idea why I chose to banana at the end, yes I chose to do that... Seems much better to go straight and just do one side of the triangle or from the path junction at the top of the triangle go straight over the top of the hill. Overall a confidence boost that I can improve.
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Gof natt cup 2 repeat (18/10/2013) Gof natt cup 2 repeat (18/10/2013)