Kings Buildings Spintelope (31/05/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kings Buildings
Organiser: INT
Country: Scotland
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 4.94 km
Time: 22:22
Average HR: 177
Maximum HR: 185
2 - Hadn't planned ahead, panicked, left #1 on red-line, realised didn't work, then looped back onto north route. Would have been shorted to stick to south route at that point. +25m

6 - Relied on local knowledge, when I planned here in September straight was possible. Looked on map and saw gate was still 'open', when I got there it was shut, then I saw there was an extra fence anyway. Lost a few seconds checking and dropping speed. +3s

7 - Bad exit, when onto autopilot so ran back to the steps, but this is the only part of the perimeter that you can actually cross. Should have just cut straight through. +50m

8 - Decided to go for the wider option with one less corner, but as it was going down steps I wasn't carrying any speed, straight option was shorter. +10m

15 - Genuinely thought this was shorter, surprised that it wasn't. +20m

16 - Didn't read the map properly, went down first alley, then saw steps below me. +10s

18 - Didn't check description, was going to cut straight through the containers, but though it was on the big large one, so went round, but it was on the small middle one. +5s

Overall: very rusty, unsurprisingly, I can't actually remember the last time I ran a sprint. The map printing was a bit pale, so I struggled to pick out the detail a lot of the time and just ran on map memory. Wasn't making plans all the time, and was taking way to long to make decisions about route-choices. Got 6/10 route-choices right. It's a start!
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Kings Buildings Spintelope (31/05/2017) Kings Buildings Spintelope (31/05/2017)