November Classic 2012 Short Blue re-run (28/03/2013)
Category: Training
Map/area: King's Garn Gutter
Organiser: SOC
Country: England, UK
Pre-JK cruise. Always tough finding New Forest depressions and knolls without control flags...

9) +10s - Running on compass on had to swing round to right of big gorse bush, tried to cut back onto path before track but never found it and ended up crossing the line. Looked for distinctive tree on entry as I thought it would stand out, but there were just 5 or so non distinctive ones.

13) +20s - A bit of pony dodging at start to had to go straighter than intended, but aimed off on path and hit it just to the right of the junction. Except I ran past it without seeing it, and ran parallel to path through marshy crap into the open. Didn't re-adjust once I came past the track junction, saw a small lump and went for it thinking it could be the small knoll you get near pits, but it was the earth-wall.
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November Classic 2012 Short Blue re-run (28/03/2013) November Classic 2012 Short Blue re-run (28/03/2013)