Tentsmuir Middle (23/03/2013)
Category: Training
Map/area: Tentsmuir
Country: Scotland, UK
Distance: 5.29 km
Time: 35:33
Cut loop short as didn't feel like I was maximising the training with 1 lens

2) +30s - Being a bit of a chancer with the long compass. Didn't work as I didn't have my long compass.
9) +30s - Confused coming out of big depression, looked over at control, but then decided it was wrong, out to track and back in from path
13) +30s - Never actually found the pit. Spongey and Jamie did, but it has obviously migrated since the mapper found it...
14) +15s - Poor direction in from attackpoint point, was below the lump with the control feature before checking and heading up in
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Tentsmuir Middle (23/03/2013) Tentsmuir Middle (23/03/2013)