UK O League 4, The Trossachs (17/03/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: The Trossachs
Organiser: Forth Valley Orienteers
Country: Scotland, UK
Discipline: Long
1) +20s - Knew what I was looking for, but aimed for wrong knoll, so had to loop all the way round back in
5) +10s - Fannied about coming off from hill, had to stop to check direction through the green.
6) +15s - Fannied about coming off the hill in the green, had to stop to check where I was before crossing marsh & in
7) +30s - Got distracted by JT, started mincing
8) +60s - Didn't have a plan for leg (despite long slow previous leg), spent too long deciding, and then went a crap way at start, then ran too low for control, was 1 contour below.
20) ? - I think in from the top is best, heather was very deep, didn't know where I was on slope really.
22) +60s - Poor compass after big crag, then parallel error.
25) ? - Got it into my head that I had to go to the crossing point
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UK O League 4, The Trossachs (17/03/2013) UK O League 4, The Trossachs (17/03/2013)