GOF Nattcup 3 (23/10/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Safjallet
Organiser: IFK
Country: Sweden
Discipline: Night
Distance: 9.35 km
Time: 62:57
Tricky little area, and made trickier at night by the horrible weather. Some really big mistakes: No.2 tried to go straight for some reason and missed in the circle. No.2 on map two (No.14) parallel error, when I was in the reentrant to the east of the control I thought that was the small form line reentrant in the circle...No.11 (no.23) missed coming into 10 then started navigating from 10 to No.7 (no.19) instead, just getting tired and not concentrating, realised then missed No.11 in the circle.
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GOF Nattcup 3 (23/10/2013) GOF Nattcup 3 (23/10/2013)