CompassSport Cup Final (20/10/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Moseley Green
Organiser: BOK
Country: England
Distance: 11.67 km
Time: 56:55
Representing RR in the Trophy. (not race map)OK run, a few daft mistakes. ~20s on 2 cutting off the track to early on an unmapped little path, ~30s on 3 (poor direction), 1.30 on 6 (chest high bracken on that whole slope and I hadn't picked up the spur to the south of the control so got put off when i saw it) ~30s on 8 (terrain was shit through the valley then missed in the circle, should have went round to the north).
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CompassSport Cup Final (20/10/2013) CompassSport Cup Final (20/10/2013)