GOF Nattcup 1 (09/10/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Floda
Organiser: SAIK
Country: Sweden
Discipline: Night
Distance: 10.39 km
Time: 66:24
Enjoyed doing some night o again but was abit rusty! Need to be abit better with my compass especially, some shocking direction to no. 7 and lost some time to no.10 by missing the small path onto the track after the open area. Was abit smoother towards the end, lost time at 5 too, but was on top of the bloody thing but couldn't see it in the green shite. Need to work on my sprint finish too :)
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GOF Nattcup 1 (09/10/2013) GOF Nattcup 1 (09/10/2013)