Night o (22/01/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Polmaise
Organiser: FVO / Tessa
Country: Scotland
Distance: 6.65 km
Time: 61:41
Map bag would have helped. Must have been pretty near 4 but didn't see it. Didn't go anywhere near 8. There was a hole in the map at 20/23 so just had to run in the general direction and hope both times. Went 20-24-21 as I thought 24 was 21. Great fun. I am left handed, and though I use a left handed thumb compass and have my map in my left hand like most orienteers, I will naturally put out my left hand to catch myself if I am falling, which means that my maps get muddier than most people's. It is unusually muddy in Scotland just now, but I think I have to consider taking a map bag with me.

I think the GPS track is a bit off btw.
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Night o (22/01/2014)