Tinto Twin (25/10/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Carmichael Estate
Organiser: Tinto
Country: Scotland
Discipline: Night middle
Distance: 5.75 km
Time: 52:06
A fun bit of blundering around a moor. I enjoyed it. Next time, how about some refelective bits on your controls
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dick carmichael : Claire. Why would you want reflective tapes on our controls ? Its our 27th year the Tinto Twin is a wake up call for the Night season and on an open hill reflective tapes can be seen for hundreds of meters. Ok not at depression number 1 where you took the "day approach" the tapes would make no difference to you mistake there. However at number 5 it would have guided you in. I love the way you took safe night routes once you hit the wood.
It was a pretty good run on a tough hill.
Well done indeed.
Dick Carmichael
Claire Ward : It was great fun. I was unaware there were night route choices. It was an area that suited night I think, as 2 and 6 would have been easier by day, but at night they just sort of popped up infront of me. It made it all the more satisfying finding them without reflectives - added to the challenge. Shame I couldn't make the Sunday

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Tinto Twin (25/10/2014)