1:15 Long Training - No Kites (07/04/2014)
Category: Training
Map/area: Docharn and Deishar
Country: Scotland
Discipline: Long
Distance: 12.74 km
Time: 91:19
Spectacular training, and very tricky on a 1:15 map. Distracted by the nice terrain to 1, then going to 2 (21) I was convinced I had entered the green so turned early. Double checked and realised my mistake but just left it. Not very straight to 20, just enjoying the terrain, same with 18. Also a silly miss to 18 so took a break at the hill, during which I planned the next 3 controls. Over the heighest point on the 3rd and stopped on top of the cliff after 6 for quick bite (stunning views). Terrain got a bit rougher after 4 with windfall but still orienteering well. 5 was a bit of a hit or miss (and a strange place to put a cairn) but all smooth after that. Didn't matter that it was raining for a bit, best training I've done for a while and a big confidense boost on a huge 1:15 map. Quite possibly a new favourite area too, thanks for the map James and Jess!
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1:15 Long Training - No Kites (07/04/2014) 1:15 Long Training - No Kites (07/04/2014)