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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Auchingarroch Night O (27/01/2015)
Tuesday 27 January 2015
Auchingarroch, SEDS, Scotland
Tired legs but really enjoyed this. orienteering generally well - map wrong at no. 7 and no flag at no. 9. Top area. Thanks Dav...
Tazmania World Cup Long (27/01/2015)
Tuesday 27 January 2015
Transit Flat, Australia
More great terrain but didn't master it:( Not optimal route on the long leg but more bad execution getting caught in green. Got ...
Tazmania World Cup Middle  (27/01/2015)
Tuesday 27 January 2015
Coles Bay, Australia
Awesome terrain! Nervous before the start but went out with a plan to run a careful controlled race. Executed this plan apart from...
Oceania Middle Champs 2015 (27/01/2015)
Tuesday 27 January 2015
Rajah's Rock, Australia
Awesome area. Completely screwed up no. 1 but going my head into it after that and cruised round orienteering well, until switchin...
Oceania Relay Champs 2015 (27/01/2015)
Tuesday 27 January 2015
Benbullen, Australia
Relay, leg 1st
Going OK until number 9 where I binned it!