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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

SEDS Relay training (14-10-2014)
Mardi 14 Octobre 2014
Balnagowan, SEDS, Scotland
Mass start. Mispunched a couple of times!
SEDS Speed Control (13-10-2014)
Lundi 13 Octobre 2014
Inver, SEDS, Scotland
Alternating speed: Cruise/Race Pace/Overspeed
SEDS Woc training (13-10-2014)
Lundi 13 Octobre 2014
Creag Coinnich, Scotland
SOL4 (22-06-2014)
Dimanche 22 Juin 2014
Lossie, Moravian, Scotland
Running down to get an intense blast. Scrappy at the start - was trying to go straight and get lucky, should have taken a little m...
Jukola (14-06-2014)
Samedi 14 Juin 2014
Huuhanvuori, KuoSu, Finland
Relay, relais First
Broke compass on way to #1, got a spare from Ralph on way to 7: promptly stopped orienteering.
World CupSprint Relay (12-06-2014)
Jeudi 12 Juin 2014
Imatrakeskus, SK Vuoksi, Finland
Sprint Relay, relais 2
World Cup Sprint Final (11-06-2014)
Mercredi 11 Juin 2014
Imatrakeskus, SK Vuoksi, Finland
Coped badly with fences. Lost position in middle of long leg.
British Relay Championships (01-06-2014)
Dimanche 1 Juin 2014
Cragg Estate and Chesterhope Common, NEOA, England
Relay, relais 3
British Long Distance Championships (31-05-2014)
Samedi 31 Mai 2014
Callaly and Thrunton Woods, NEOA, England
I just can't explain what happened at 20. An unmapped 2m boulder was part of the problem but not the only thing.
Scottish Relay Champs (25-05-2014)
Dimanche 25 Mai 2014
Newtyle, ESOA, Scotland
Relay, relais 3
Scottish Champs (24-05-2014)
Samedi 24 Mai 2014
Dalnamein, ESOA, Scotland
Silly in the open, good in the forest - but could be more ruthlessly straight?
Glasgow Urban race (11-05-2014)
Dimanche 11 Mai 2014
Glasgow, STAG, Scotland
JK Middle Distance (23-04-2014)
Mercredi 23 Avril 2014
Merthyr Common, WOA, Wales
My worst performance for a very very long time! Basically gave up after 6 and jogged it in.
EOC Relay (23-04-2014)
Mercredi 23 Avril 2014
Marateca, FPO, Portugal
Relay, relais 1
A little scrappy but compensating by running strongly.
EOC Sprint Final (23-04-2014)
Mercredi 23 Avril 2014
Palmela, FPO, Portugal
Good race. Confusion in the open area on 5, other than that no complaints other than the way my legs felt on the hills. Come back ...
EOC Sprint Qualification (23-04-2014)
Mercredi 23 Avril 2014
Sesimbra, FPO, Portugal
Some route choices I would do differently in hindsight.
JK relay (21-04-2014)
Lundi 21 Avril 2014
Pwll Du, WOA / BOK, Wales
Relay, relais 1
Really good run. Took route to avoid clambering over scree hills on 8 and lost some time. No complaints other than that and gettin...
JK Long (20-04-2014)
Dimanche 20 Avril 2014
Llangynidr, WOA, Wales
Never planning on doing it all - went out to visit the interesting bits and find my omojo again.
JK Sprint (18-04-2014)
Vendredi 18 Avril 2014
Swansea university, WOA, Wales
Lazy orienteering - punished for small time losses caused by not getting ahead of myself.
SOL2 (06-04-2014)
Dimanche 6 Avril 2014
Faskally, STAG/ScotJOS, Scotland
WOC Sprint Selection Race (30-03-2014)
Dimanche 30 Mars 2014
Keswick, British Orienteering, England
MOC Race 3 (15-03-2014)
Samedi 15 Mars 2014
Parco delle Cascine, PWT, Italy
Fast and furious! Not involved in the chasing start so running solo. 9th best time, exactly a minute behind M. Kyburz (17:54-18:54...
MOC Race 1 (13-03-2014)
Jeudi 13 Mars 2014
Montecatini Terme, PWT , Italy
GPS didn't start until 8. That's good as it means you can't see my schoolboy mistake on #1 or my poor routes for #4 and #6.
Scottish Sprint Champs (15-02-2014)
Samedi 15 Février 2014
North Muirton, TAY, Scotland
Good race. Wobbled on way to #7 while I planned leg to #8. Missed route to #1. Other than that I can't complain. First, 19s ahead ...
Bergen Sprint Camp - Race 4 Mini-mass start final (02-02-2014)
Dimanche 2 Février 2014
Bergen, Varegg, Norway
Mini mass start sprint|Résultats
Bergen Sprint Camp (01-02-2014)
Samedi 1 Février 2014
Bergen, Varegg, Norway
I was terrible.
Bergen Sprint Camp - Race 3A (01-02-2014)
Samedi 1 Février 2014
Bergen, Varegg, Norway
Bergen Sprint Camp - Race 3E (01-02-2014)
Samedi 1 Février 2014
Bergen, Varegg, Norway
Bergen Sprint Camp (01-02-2014)
Samedi 1 Février 2014
Bergen, Varegg, Norway
Bergen Sprint Camp - Race 3D (01-02-2014)
Samedi 1 Février 2014
Bergen, Varegg, Norway
Sprint Intervals|Résultats
Bergen Sprint Camp - Race 1 Night Sprint (31-01-2014)
Vendredi 31 Janvier 2014
Bergen, Vargegg, Norway
Night Sprint|Résultats
SOUL1 - Edinburgh Urban Race (25-01-2014)
Samedi 25 Janvier 2014
Edinburgh, EUOC, Scotland
Very wet and slippy. Not particularly focussed. A lot of routes I would improve. Misunderstood startline message about gate at #8.
First ever sprint relay in Scotland (part 2) (19-01-2014)
Dimanche 19 Janvier 2014
Perth College, FVA/TAY, Scotland
Sprint Relay, relais 2|Résultats
Part 2 map. It was "mixed" in that my team had three M16s who all ran really well to bring home the win. I think there could be a ...
First ever Sprint Relay in Scotland (19-01-2014)
Dimanche 19 Janvier 2014
Perth College, FVO/TAY, Scotland
Sprint Relay, relais 2|Résultats
Good fun.