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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Neděle 23 březen 2014
Kategorie: Training
Tultered, Sweden
Trying to do my strengths well
GOF Tio training (22.03.2014)
Sobota 22 březen 2014
Kategorie: Competition
Kasjon, SAIK/GOF elit, Sweden
Relay, úsek 2/3rd
Not making good plans
Spetraining tiomila (20.03.2014)
Čtvrtek 20 březen 2014
Kategorie: Training
Mörlanda, GMOK, Sweden
Doing Talk-o with Bodil so she can see how I think when I orienteer for the first half Scores on the doors: ...
Tiomila training weekend (16.03.2014)
Neděle 16 březen 2014
Kategorie: Training
Skidstuganbladet, Sweden
Last session of the weekend kept it short to not completely wear out achilles. Most focussed session of the weekend not always suc...
Tiomila training weekend (16.03.2014)
Hesitant and not making plans ahead but had a plan for each leg and looked up and saw what I wanted. Only exception was leaving 6 ...
Tio training weekend (15.03.2014)
Sobota 15 březen 2014
Kategorie: Training
Branteberg, Sweden
Struggled to focus on the orienteering at first. Wasn't making good plan or pictures. After missing two I made both plans and pict...
SE league (23.02.2014)
Neděle 23 únor 2014
Kategorie: Competition
Ashdown Pippingford, Mole Valley, England
Nice to be back in South England running hard and testing compass real head up orienteering. Started a bit out of joint but did ge...
BUCS Individual (22.02.2014)
Sobota 22 únor 2014
Kategorie: Competition
Ilkley Moore, Aire/Leeds University, England
A good effort in this race! Attacked hard but still felt hesitant on 2,3, 4,9, 15 and 16 while made maybe slight direction/route m...
Andulacia O Meeting 2014 (15.02.2014)
Sobota 15 únor 2014
Kategorie: Competition
El Portil, Spain
In some ways a good race I was smooth in and out of 85% of the controls. I was in control of my emotions for once, I made a big mi...
Narrow Sprint (12.02.2014)
Středa 12 únor 2014
Kategorie: Training
Conil de Frontera, Sun O, Spain
Yup narrow and twisty.
Long (12.02.2014)
Středa 12 únor 2014
Kategorie: Training
La Brena Barbate, Sun O, Spain
Was trying to keep my mind focussed on what it was doing as noticed that actually most time loss is when you stand still at a cont...
Circle no path nor north lines (11.02.2014)
Úterý 11 únor 2014
Kategorie: Training
Brena Barbate, Sun O, Spain
Loved this though possible not that great for me as using my compass to stay online rather than just the features is somehing to p...
Beach o  (11.02.2014)
Úterý 11 únor 2014
Kategorie: Training
La Brena barbate beach, Sun O, Spain
Vintercup etapp 5 (02.02.2014)
Neděle 2 únor 2014
Kategorie: Competition
Trollhatten, TrollhattanSK, Sweden
Mass start
Pátek 31 leden 2014
Kategorie: Training
GOF elit repeat (18.01.2014)
Sobota 18 leden 2014
Kategorie: Training
Vattlefjall, Sweden
Not as good as first time!
Long training (10.01.2014)
Pátek 10 leden 2014
Kategorie: Training
Docharn and Deishar , Scotland
Completely unsubjectively - that was so much fun, an amazing area for long racing. Looking ay my analysis I was happy with most of...