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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Pittwater training 18_10 (18.10.2017)
#1 overshot as didn't know it was 1:7500, also using trees but they weren't as obvious as anticipated. #12 didn't get to solid AP....
Kellevie Sunday Local (15.10.2017)
#2 hesitant as my picture of the ground was different to what it actually looked like. #3 didn't simplify so was faffing. #4 shoul...
Pittwater training (05.10.2017)
Čtvrtek 5 říjen 2017
Kategorie: Training
Pittwater, Australia
Rerun of M65 March 2017 NOL. Comfortable pace felt in control most of the time. Wobble on #1 as I forgot what training without kit...
Aus Champs Relay (01.10.2017)
Neděle 1 říjen 2017
Kategorie: Competition
Tambaroora, ONSW, Australia
Relay, úsek 3|Výsledky
#1 Didn't simply and just ran trying to catch up with myself. #5 poor direction & picture in the circle. #8 Very uncertain - didn'...
Aus Champs Long (30.09.2017)
Sobota 30 září 2017
Kategorie: Competition
Tambaroora, ONSW, Australia
#3 Bit hesitant - poor AP. #8 Error executing routechoice - Did 20m more climb than necessary, about 60s time loss. #11 Route choi...
Aus Schools Mass start (28.09.2017)
Čtvrtek 28 září 2017
Kategorie: Competition
Macquarie Woods North, ONSW, Australia
Easy start getting into the map but soon caught up by #3. #6 route choice error, didn't read the left option closely enough to see...
Aus Schools Long (26.09.2017)
Úterý 26 září 2017
Kategorie: Competition
Roseberg, ONSW, Australia
Errors on over 50% of the controls. Recurring themes of not taking useful information from the map, not following compass well, an...
Aus Champs Middle (24.09.2017)
Neděle 24 září 2017
Kategorie: Competition
Dhuwugarra, ONSW, Australia
Poor first 8 controls, must take time to get into the map and not rush. #14 poor direction, #17 didn't simplify, #18 poor picture,...
Scottish 6 Days 2017 Day 3 (01.08.2017)
Úterý 1 srpen 2017
Kategorie: Competition
Birsemore Hill, Scotland
Scottish 6 Days 2017 Day 2 (31.07.2017)
Pondělí 31 červenec 2017
Kategorie: Competition
Balfour Forest, Scotland
JK Middle 2017 (15.04.2017)
Sobota 15 duben 2017
Kategorie: Competition
Ambersham, England
SOL2 Trossachs (02.04.2017)
Neděle 2 duben 2017
Kategorie: Competition
Trossachs, FVO, Scotland
Dark Thistle 2017 (31.03.2017)
Pátek 31 březen 2017
Kategorie: Competition
Fairy Knowe and Doon Hill, SEDS, Scotland
CSC Heat (12.03.2017)
Neděle 12 březen 2017
Kategorie: Competition
Tentsmuir, KFO, Scotland
Rushed and not planning