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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

BASOC Small & Mighty (15/12/2013)
Pazar 15 Aralik 2013
Inshriach, James & Jess
All good except #11 where I lost ~1 min and Nixon came past be like a train.
FVO Night O (11/12/2013)
Çarsamba 11 Aralik 2013
Mine Woods, GG
Shocking route to #1 and missed #3 big time, but after that was OK. A nice win but not deserved
Glasgow Park Champs (01/12/2013)
Pazar 1 Aralik 2013
Drumpellier Country Park
Glasgow Parks Champs (01/12/2013)
Pazar 1 Aralik 2013
Garscube Sports Complex & West of Scotland Science, STAG
Doune Night O (27/11/2013)
Çarsamba 27 Kasim 2013
Doune Ponds, Jason Inman
Different route to GG (and the masses) to #1 but still got there at the front. Racing with GG (ahead at #9 & #10), but couldn't fi...
FVO Club Champs 2013 - Part 2 (16/11/2013)
Bananaed #13 and #18 and the map is wrong at #21
FVO Club Champs 2013 - Part 1 (16/11/2013)
Cumartesi 16 Kasim 2013
Barr Wood, Fi Berrow
2nd behind GG 3 mins down, though only 40sec down by #12
SoSOL 1 2013 (10/11/2013)
Pazar 10 Kasim 2013
Pentland Hills
Nice cold, crisp, sunny Autumn day. You could see for miles and controls were hung quite high so navigation was easy. No problems ...
ESOC Edinburgh Weekend inc. Scottish Uni Champs  (09/11/2013)
Nice to explore a new part of Edinburgh. Very contrasting switching between £2m+ mansions and £40k council flats. Pretty clean r...
Scottish Score Champs 2013 (03/11/2013)
Lost my dibber on the way to the #188 but managed to find it quite quickly. Missed #176 as was relying on the grazed land and not ...