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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

Icebug SprintCup 3 (21.05.2014)
Icebug Sprint Cup 3. Missed a couple of best route choices (3,12 & 16) but smooth otherwise. nice icebug voucher for my efforts.
Icebug SprintCup 2 (13.05.2014)
Two mistakes and a couple of wee hesitations but other than that ok. no.1 - thought the control was going to be on the left insi...
OK Orinto lång (11.05.2014)
some big mistakes, especially number 2 & 13. really switched off towards the end of each leg. need to work on really nailing the 2...
Klubbmästerskap, Frölunda, Herkules, MöOIF, Uven (09.05.2014)
Tough forest, heavy going especially the marshes. Abit tired, one significant miss on no.10 about 45s
Icebug SprintCup 1 (07.05.2014)
missing alot of fastest route choices. right on 7, 8 & 9 would probably have been quicker. not sure about my route to 11, left wou...
Herkules Skogsdad (06.04.2014)
Possibly should have just went straight to 3. Daft mistakes at 4 (didn't see the control under some fallen trees) and 5 (saw the s...
WOC Test Long (30.03.2014)
Neděle 30 březen 2014
Whitbarrow, SROC/Liz , UK
Solid run, mistakes started to creep in later in the course. Lost time on 7,9,11,12,14 &15. nothing major but it added up.
WOC Test Middle (29.03.2014)
Sobota 29 březen 2014
Hampsfell & Eggerslack, SROC/Liz , UK
My route is red line (GPS route is my brothers, James) Good run, only a few small hesitations and not the best route to number 9....
Hallandspremiare (09.03.2014)
Quite a tough, scrappy area. felt like I was fighting against the forest for alot of it. almost went 2-4 (thought no.3 was no.17) ...
Wintercup (02.03.2014)
Nice area.tired after yesterdays session, so took it fairly steady. switched off abit on 8 & 9, lost about 1.30. maybe not the bes...
MCO Middle (26.02.2014)
Středa 26 únor 2014
N. Sr. da Agonia, Portugal
Scrappy to start with, drifted off line to 3 but didnt correct quick enough, overshot 4, poor direction out of 6. think I was just...
MCO Long (26.02.2014)
Středa 26 únor 2014
Quinta da Estrada, Portugal
good run. a few small mistakes, lost time between 6 & 10. climbed too high on 6, hesitated in the circle at 7, poor route out of 7...
GB Squad Relay (09.02.2014)
Scrappy run, pushing too hard at times. not slowing down enough into circle at 4 & 8 in particular. great little area.
Random Relay (08.02.2014)
Sobota 8 únor 2014
Frith Hill, Dave&Liz, UK
Relay, úsek 1
Mass start gaffled race. Flipping a coin at every central control to decide between left or right, and then again at the next cont...
GOF Tiomila Training (11.01.2014)
Sobota 11 leden 2014
Astebo, Fredrik & Hasse, Sweden
Relay 1st Leg
Abit scrappy, drifting off line quite alot. feeling good in the terrain though.