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Icebug SprintCup 3 (2014-05-20)
Icebug Sprint Cup 3. Missed a couple of best route choices (3,12 & 16) but smooth otherwise. nice icebug voucher for my efforts.
Icebug SprintCup 2 (2014-05-12)
måndag 12 maj 2014
Bjorkarr, GMOK, Sweden
Two mistakes and a couple of wee hesitations but other than that ok. no.1 - thought the control was going to be on the left insi...
OK Orinto lång (2014-05-10)
lördag 10 maj 2014
Rammsjon, OK Orinto, Sweden
some big mistakes, especially number 2 & 13. really switched off towards the end of each leg. need to work on really nailing the 2...
Klubbmästerskap, Frölunda, Herkules, MöOIF, Uven (2014-05-09)
Tough forest, heavy going especially the marshes. Abit tired, one significant miss on no.10 about 45s
Icebug SprintCup 1 (2014-05-07)
onsdag 7 maj 2014
Vallhamra Oxled, GMOK, Sweden
missing alot of fastest route choices. right on 7, 8 & 9 would probably have been quicker. not sure about my route to 11, left wou...
Herkules Skogsdad (2014-04-05)
lördag 5 april 2014
Gunnebo, FK Herkules, Sweden
Possibly should have just went straight to 3. Daft mistakes at 4 (didn't see the control under some fallen trees) and 5 (saw the s...
WOC Test Long (2014-03-30)
söndag 30 mars 2014
Whitbarrow, SROC/Liz , UK
Solid run, mistakes started to creep in later in the course. Lost time on 7,9,11,12,14 &15. nothing major but it added up.
WOC Test Middle (2014-03-29)
lördag 29 mars 2014
Hampsfell & Eggerslack, SROC/Liz , UK
My route is red line (GPS route is my brothers, James) Good run, only a few small hesitations and not the best route to number 9....
Hallandspremiare (2014-03-09)
Quite a tough, scrappy area. felt like I was fighting against the forest for alot of it. almost went 2-4 (thought no.3 was no.17) ...
Wintercup (2014-03-02)
söndag 2 mars 2014
Lindome, IK Uven, Sweden
Nice area.tired after yesterdays session, so took it fairly steady. switched off abit on 8 & 9, lost about 1.30. maybe not the bes...
MCO Middle (2014-02-26)
onsdag 26 februari 2014
N. Sr. da Agonia, Portugal
Scrappy to start with, drifted off line to 3 but didnt correct quick enough, overshot 4, poor direction out of 6. think I was just...
MCO Long (2014-02-26)
onsdag 26 februari 2014
Quinta da Estrada, Portugal
good run. a few small mistakes, lost time between 6 & 10. climbed too high on 6, hesitated in the circle at 7, poor route out of 7...
GB Squad Relay (2014-02-09)
söndag 9 februari 2014
Scrappy run, pushing too hard at times. not slowing down enough into circle at 4 & 8 in particular. great little area.
Random Relay (2014-02-08)
lördag 8 februari 2014
Frith Hill, Dave&Liz, UK
Relay, sträcka 1
Mass start gaffled race. Flipping a coin at every central control to decide between left or right, and then again at the next cont...
GBG Elit (2014-01-18)
lördag 18 januari 2014
Nice tough area.
GOF Tiomila Training (2014-01-11)
lördag 11 januari 2014
Astebo, Fredrik & Hasse, Sweden
Relay 1st Leg
Abit scrappy, drifting off line quite alot. feeling good in the terrain though.