Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Sylvester 5 day Day 5 (30.12.2014)
Tirsdag 30 Desember 2014
Gerhees, Belgian Orienteering, Belgium
Short long|Resultat
I ran straight again today to make it more interesting, but it was a mistake. It was crappy in a lot of places. I learnt from da...
Sylvester 5 day Day 4 (29.12.2014)
Mandag 29 Desember 2014
De Roeler, Belgian Orienteering, Belgium
Easy today. I ran straight to make it more interesting. Mostly OK but didn't check bearing properly out of 9, and straight to th...
Sylvester 5 day Day 3 (28.12.2014)
Søndag 28 Desember 2014
Weyervlakte, Belgian Orienteering, Belgium
Going well where there were features to navigate off. Missed number 3, didn't recognise the control on the path bend as being a p...
Sylvester 5 day Day 2 (27.12.2014)
Lørdag 27 Desember 2014
Witte Bergen, Belgian Orienteering, Belgium
Cold, so cold. Forgot gloves and neoprene socks. Wet snow everywhere. Too cold to move my hands, so I struggled in the latter p...
Sylvester 5 day Day 1 (26.12.2014)
Fredag 26 Desember 2014
Brouwhuisseheide, Belgian Orienteering, Belgium
Rushing too much to be a good run. Offline to 4, confused by veg at 18.
Warrior O Trial (07.12.2014)
Søndag 7 Desember 2014
Graythwaite, WAROC, England
Fun. Always interesting to see GPS as I realise I relocated totally wrongly at 4.
Tinto Twin (25.10.2014)
Lørdag 25 Oktober 2014
Carmichael Estate, Tinto, Scotland
Night middle
A fun bit of blundering around a moor. I enjoyed it. Next time, how about some refelective bits on your controls
SOL 5 (14.09.2014)
Søndag 14 September 2014
Craig a'Barnes, ESOC, Scotland
Inter Club Relay (13.09.2014)
Lørdag 13 September 2014
Falkirk Wheel, AYROC, Scotland
Relay, etappe Last|Resultat
OO Day 5 (05.08.2014)
Tirsdag 5 August 2014
Menina Planina, OO Cup, Slovenia
Short long|Resultat
Mind not with it today. Legs tired too.
OO Day 4 (04.08.2014)
Mandag 4 August 2014
Tiha Dolina, OO Cup, Slovenia
Sloppy orienteering but the most fun race of 2014 so far!
OO Day 3 (03.08.2014)
Søndag 3 August 2014
Letus, OO Cup, Slovenia
It was hot - I wilted! Couldn't even draw my route on accurately afterwards, as I was so clueless...
OO Day 2 (02.08.2014)
Lørdag 2 August 2014
Kurji Vrh, OO Cup, Slovenia
Big big mistake at 12.
OO Day 1 (01.08.2014)
Fredag 1 August 2014
Velika Planina, OO Cup, Slovenia
Short long|Resultat
A bit ill today, so I have an excuse for being a bit sloppy.
Bubo Cup Day 5 (28.07.2014)
Mandag 28 Juli 2014
Lokve, Bubo Cup, Slovenia
Bubo Cup day 5. Fun again, if a little tough and hilly. Very rocky underfoot. Mistakes today....
Bubo Cup Day 4 (27.07.2014)
Søndag 27 Juli 2014
Nemci, Bubo Cup, Slovenia
Bubo Cup Day 3 (26.07.2014)
Lørdag 26 Juli 2014
Poncala, Bubo Cup, Slovenia
Middle - though I don't think it was|Resultat
Bubo Cup Day 2 (25.07.2014)
Fredag 25 Juli 2014
Spletni vrh, Bubo Cup, Slovenia
Bubo Cup Day 1 (24.07.2014)
Torsdag 24 Juli 2014
Prezren, Bubo Cup, Slovenia
WOC middle (11.07.2014)
Fredag 11 Juli 2014
Campomulo, IOF, Italy
WOC Long (09.07.2014)
Onsdag 9 Juli 2014
Lavarone, IOF, Italy
Long. Crappy run. Meh!
WOC spectator races (06.07.2014)
Søndag 6 Juli 2014
WOC spectator races day 1, FISO, Italy
Big mistake on 7!
World cup long (08.06.2014)
Søndag 8 Juni 2014
Kongsberg ol, Norway
Oh dear. Not good at all. One of those races where you put the wrong brain in in the morning, and what could have been a respect...
World Cup middle (07.06.2014)
Lørdag 7 Juni 2014
Kongsberg ol, Norway
British Long (31.05.2014)
Lørdag 31 Mai 2014
Thrunton Wood and Callaly, NEOA, England
Fun! Routegadget shows it better.
Scottish Relays (25.05.2014)
Søndag 25 Mai 2014
Newtyle Hill, ESOA, Scotland
Relay, etappe First|Resultat
FVO WEE (14.05.2014)
Onsdag 14 Mai 2014
Barr Wood, FVO (Jase), Scotland
I ran the
JK Long (20.04.2014)
Søndag 20 April 2014
Llangynidr , WOA, Wales
Tired but pleasant slog.
JK middle (19.04.2014)
Lørdag 19 April 2014
Merthyr Common, WOA, Wales
EOC relay (16.04.2014)
Onsdag 16 April 2014
Marateca, IOF, Portugal
Relay, etappe First
First ever first leg internationally. I think I enjoyed the experience. The area and planning reminded me of your average jk rel...
EOC long final (15.04.2014)
Tirsdag 15 April 2014
Marateca, Iof, Portugal
Fun course. Long grass 1-6 was tough with an early start, but after that it was the fastest forest ever. Controls hung v high, a...
EOC middle final (14.04.2014)
Mandag 14 April 2014
Marateca, IOF, Portugal
BIG mistake at one, after that it was hard to keep pushing, but I tried.
EOC long qualification (11.04.2014)
Fredag 11 April 2014
Meco sul, Iof, Portugal
Eoc middle qual (10.04.2014)
Torsdag 10 April 2014
Meco Norte, Iof, Portugal
Number 5 was too far south. Big mistake at 10, otherwise pretty pleased.
SOL2 (06.04.2014)
Søndag 6 April 2014
Faskally, STAG, Scotland
Fun. Scrappy. Hurty. Unfit.
GBR WOC sprint selection race (30.03.2014)
Søndag 30 Mars 2014
Keswick WCOC, GBR Orienteering , England
Slow. Chickened out of a better route choice 7-8 and lost time
GBR long WOC selection race (29.03.2014)
Lørdag 29 Mars 2014
Whitbarrow - SROC, GBR Orienteering , England
This one is fun for me as I drew my route on during the weekend, and have only just got my gps, so it is interesting to see if I w...
GBR WOC middle selection race (28.03.2014)
Fredag 28 Mars 2014
Eggerslack and Hampsfell - SROC, GBR Orienteering , England
Scrappy scrappy scrappy!!!
Scolty CC (23.02.2014)
Søndag 23 Februar 2014
Scolty, Gramp, Scotland
1 - too high, didn't want to go down too far. 2 - too low. Didn't want to go up. 4 thought I was looking for a spur not a re-en...
FVO night o (19.02.2014)
Onsdag 19 Februar 2014
Sauchie , FVO, Scotland
I knew 9 was wrong, but it was hard to get around the grot. Got the map muddy coming off the track from 9 and after that it was a...
Scottish sprint champs (15.02.2014)
Lørdag 15 Februar 2014
North Muirhead, TAY, Scotland
Scottish night champs (15.02.2014)
Lørdag 15 Februar 2014
Kinnoull Hill, TAY, Scotland
Night o (22.01.2014)
Onsdag 22 Januar 2014
Polmaise, FVO / Tessa, Scotland
Map bag would have helped. Must have been pretty near 4 but didn't see it. Didn't go anywhere near 8. There was a hole in the m...
Tay urban (19.01.2014)
Søndag 19 Januar 2014
Letham and Hillyand, TAY, Scotland
A jog warm down from the relay.
Mixed sprint relay practice part 2 (19.01.2014)
Søndag 19 Januar 2014
Perth college
Couldn't really make out what was going on at 16 due to the mud.
Mixed sprint relay practice (19.01.2014)
Søndag 19 Januar 2014
Perth College, SOA, Scotland
Etappe 1
Map got covered in mud when I fell on the waterlogged grass on the way to 1. I should invest in a map bag.
Night o (09.01.2014)
Torsdag 9 Januar 2014
The Mary Erskine School and Ravelston Woods, ESOC, Scotland
Slippy. Major mistake at 19. Still managed the victory.