Autism workshop helps make orienteering even more inclusive

Scottish Orienteering is keen to explore ways of improving its inclusivity to help support anyone to participate in the sport. On Saturday, 16th November, we hosted a workshop where the development team and other interested club orienteers got together with experts who work with youngsters with autism.

The objective of the day was to explore how orienteering can be used positively to support people on the autistic spectrum and how the sport can be marketed to encourage participation by this group.

Experiences were shared around the table before breaking out to consider what can be done both within schools and at regular club events to offer a positive experience of the sport to a wider group of young people.

There was much enthusiasm around the table and some positive plans were put in place to pilot several ideas over the coming year.

Many thanks to Levenmouth Academy for hosting the workshop and to everyone else who gave up their Saturday to participate.

If you’d like to know more about the day, or how to help anyone with autism to enjoy orienteering, please contact Sarah Dunn via