Scottish Champs 2017 Individual

Gullane, Archerfield and Yellowcraig, Sat 20th May

Simple Results and Splits

WinSplits,  String Course.

(note WinSplits doesn't cope well with the timed-out road crossing

Routegadget for Courses 1-16 and 17 & 18

List of Scottish Winners. PDF of all results.
Photographs of prize winners, thanks to Crawford Lindsay

Lost property
Blue Montane jacket, size Medium.
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21st May 17

Organisers’ Comments

With the complexities of this event it is only right we acknowledge those who helped set it up and gave permissions for access and use.

Graeme Ackland, Interløpers, SOC 2017 co-ordinator.
Max Carcas, Interløpers, arranged initial land use, introduced us to the various landowners and land managers and was invaluable in dealing with our many queries.

Stuart Duff, Gullane Golf Club.
Paul Seago, Renaissance Golf Club.
Ian Everard, Archerfield Golf Club.
Stuart McEwen and Colin Irvine, Muirfield Golf Club.
Elly Douglas-Hamilton and Ross McGregor, Archerfield Walled Garden.
East Lothian Council, including their ranger service, Jen Newcombe, John Harrison, David Wild and Neil Clark.
Mike Thornton, Scottish Natural Heritage.

Their help and co-operation was exceptional.

Thanks too, to Coast Medical for their presence.  The extent of their professional involvement was the issue of one elastoplast!
Thanks to Rick Houghton, Compass Point for his attendance.

Many were a little surprised when Archerfield was again linked with orienteering given the huge changes since its use for competition from almost 30 years ago.  We realised early on that Archerfield Estate would only provide TD 1&2 terrain, and we’d need to make full use of all available surrounding areas.  This meant the split starts for Red and Blue with one finish.

The actual organisational challenges we feel were satisfactorily dealt with, especially manning over the whole area, including the road crossings for safety.

The event generally was very positively received and thanks to everyone for attending.

Thanks to the many friends and helpers, not just in Tay and ESOC, who helped to stage this event. Thanks also to Robin Strain for his assistance with SI at the Individual event.

Orienteering isn’t a perfect sport; there are one or two issues we continue to deal with.

Anne Thom & Ewart Scott.  ESOC.


Planner's Comments

Firstly, I hope you all enjoyed your day in the rain. It was the only rain I saw in six months of planning.

Having read a lot of the feedback, various blogs and social media sites a short bit of background is required.

The Event effectively, as you will all have noticed, consists of three areas: Gullane, Yellowcraigs and Archerfield. The first two were stitched together to provide both variety and length for the M21E. The latter so we could provide compliant junior courses. Some people liked the coastal stitch and some didn’t and I shall put my hand up for the wrong control placement at 213 which hopefully only affected a small minority of competitors. I returned to the area yesterday after the Relays to assess the site.

I won’t go on about the courses as they were compliant and I would like to think made the most of a good area that came with access restrictions in place. I refrained from covering significant sections of the map as out of bounds as that would have spoiled the presentation. What is worth mentioning is the amount of person hours that goes into putting on these high stature events with all the negotiations and third parties one gets involved with as the Planner.

The Start positions, finish locations and the logistics of providing the courses rely heavily on successful negotiations and making the most of what is made available for one to work with. They weren’t where they were by accident. Courses 1 to 4 were at Yellowcraigs to make the most of some tricky areas of great variety, provide length and scope of terrain and lastly to justify a remapping of all of the competition areas. The other non-junior courses made best use of the North Gullane area. This allowed a lot of the shorter TD5 courses to be in an area that one normally never sees when the centre is based at Gullane village. Junior courses were provided with a brand new area, freshly mapped, around the Archerfield Estate and Event centre.

Putting this Event out was a logistical challenge with a lot of effort utilising limited resource. I can’t thank the volunteers, who know who they are, enough for the time and effort they put into this along with myself.

I look forward to all of the young talent coming through who will take the Sport to a new level and be next year, or the year afters, Planner. That’s 2.5 Scottish Championships I have planned or been assistant Planner on. Many thanks to those of you who gave me kind remarks after the Event. It still amazes me how fast some people of any age you care to pick on can get through the tussock and tree roots of Gullane. Hopefully those of you who didn’t know East Lothian will be inspired to come back in the future for some more.

Mike Stewart ESOC

Controller's Comments

Controlling the Scottish Championships, presented a number of challenges, not least being the extent of the area from Yellowcraigs in the North to Gullane Bents in the South. In addition, the White and Yellow courses were on a totally separate map at Archerfield. It was a pleasure to work with such competent people, in particular Mike Stewart the Planner and Anne Thom the Organiser. They managed to cope with particularly complicated access negotiations and the logistics of four starts and two finishes, some of them a long way from assembly.

I heard many good comments about Mike’s courses; they provided a good test of navigation and ability to cope with varying terrain. The narrow shape of the available area meant that a very large number of controls were needed on the longest courses. Because of the limitations of the area, the fact that a 1:15000 map would have been illegible, and the remote finish, we took the decision to grade the event as Level B rather than Level A.

The map was generally pretty good and the sand dunes were well represented. However the mapping of the vegetation was not entirely consistent and the individual trees mapped as white blobs were pretty much invisible on the map.

The four controls on the shore below the High Water Mark were always going to have some risk attached. They couldn’t be tagged and could only be placed at the last minute which severely limited the opportunity for checking them. They were only used by the longest courses where parts of the terrain were linked by runs along the beach. I’m very sorry that control 213 (used by Courses 2 and 3) was wrongly placed, being about 50m east of its proper location. It was visible from the correct location and most people quickly found it though a few lost up to about 3 minutes.

Finally, I think congratulations are due to all (both competitors and officials) for coping cheerfully with miserable weather for most of the day.

David Rosen SROC

You can also download a PDF of the final details, it is the same as the info below and has nothing extra.

ESOC and TAY welcome you to Gullane, Archerfield and Yellowcraig on the 20th of May 2017 for the Scottish Championships Individual, by kind permission of Archerfield Estate, Muirfield Golf Course, Renaissance Golf Club, Archerfield Golf Club, Gullane Golf Club and East Lothian Council.


Grid Ref: NT503842. Postcode: EH39 5HQ Google maps: Archerfield Estate

The event is based at Archerfield Estate, just off the A198 between Gullane and Dirleton, East Lothian.


The event will be signposted from the A198, approximately 1.5 miles east of Gullane and 0.75 miles west of Dirleton. Entry is via the main entry to Archerfield Walled Garden (Grid ref NT505835). Exit is via the same route.


Parking is in a field in Archerfield Estate for cars, and in the Archerfield Walled Garden car park for minibuses, campervans, and coaches. A one-way entry / exit time system to and from the car park will be in operation: all competitors should arrive before 13:00 and there will be no exit before 13:00. £2 charge per vehicle. Competitors in the Walled Garden car park – after parking, please pay your parking charge in the Assembly field.


The car park is also Assembly. There is space for club tents.

The car park/assembly will contain

  • Enquiries and registration
  • Relay registration from 14:30 to 17:00
  • First Aid tent
  • Compasspoint
  • Download and results
  • Toilets. There will also be toilets close to the Blue Start and public toilets at the Red Start.
  • Trophy return

Assembly layoutAssembly layout


Car park open to competitors

One way in/out


One way in until 13:00/One way out after 13:00

Registration open

10:00 - 14:00

Starts courses 1-16

Starts courses 17-18

11:45 – 14:45

12:00 – 14:00

Courses 1-16 close

Courses 17-18 close



Relay Registration Open

14:00 -17:00

Prize giving

At the Relay event, as soon as possible, hopefully by 1pm

Archerfield Walled Garden café is a short walk from the car park. Please note that the toilets at Archerfield Walled Garden café are for customers only, and please remove all muddy shoes if you go into the cafe.


There will be a string course located in woodland approximately 500m along a track from Assembly. The location of the exit to the String course is shown above.


Dogs are welcome in the car park but MUST be kept on a leash. There are deer running free in Archerfield estate.

Important information

The whole area of the event is open to the public; please be respectful of walkers, cyclists and riders. Adjacent to the area are several golf courses; these are out of bounds. Courses 17 and 18 and the route to the Blue Start pass several private houses; please respect their privacy.

There is an important competition taking place on Muirfield golf course the same day, and we have been asked to keep noise to a minimum on Muirfield land; the Blue start will be a Quiet Start.


If you are not a member of BOF, please complete a name and address form at Registration. This is to comply with BOF insurance.

Please take away all litter.

In the event of cancellation, a notice will be posted on . The organising team reserves the right to retain all or part of the entry fees to cover any costs associated with the event.

Safety & medical information

A risk assessment has been carried out, but competitors take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event. Cagoules may be compulsory for competitors, in which case signs will be displayed at Information. Competitors are advised to carry a whistle. All courses except courses 17 to 18 go near the sea; the tide will be out.

There are two ponds in Archerfield Estate; courses 17 and 18 go near these ponds, which will have yellow/black tape markers.

Course 17 crosses a road at a manned crossing. This will be a ‘timeout’: competitors should punch the control at the crossing, wait until told to cross, then run to their next control and punch. The time taken will not be taken into account in their run time.

Golf balls: courses 17 and 18 go close to the practice ground of Renaissance golf course. Golfers will have been advised by the club manager, and asked to refrain from using the ground for a short time window while the race is on. There will be a marshal in this area ensuring that competitors don’t stray too close.

The route from the Junior finish to the car park crosses the estate entrance road; this crossing will be manned. Competitors should then walk along the marked route, on the pavement, until they reach the manned crossing just north of the car park. They MUST NOT cross back before this point. There are two minor roads crossing this pavement:

  • the entrance driveway to Archerfield House Hotel. This crossing will be manned.
  • a minor service road to the north of the hotel entrance; this will not be separately manned but is close to the manned crossing back to the car park.

There will be a First Aid point near Blue Start/Main finish, and one in the car park.

If temperatures are higher than average there may be a risk of dehydration. No water will be provided; please bring your own.

Hygiene: Deer roam the event area and their droppings may contain serious diseases, including e-coli, so please wash hands, especially before eating.

Please be TICK AWARE and check yourself thoroughly after your run for ticks. If you are unsure how to remove a tick safely then please visit the first aid tent.

If you have an underlying medical condition please email the Organiser () by Thursday 18th May with the relevant details and next of kin contact details. These details will be kept confidential/for emergency use only and destroyed after the event. Alternatively, please download and complete a form from and hand to Information, where there will also be a supply of forms. These will be destroyed after the event if not used.

If you think you will take a long time, please ask for an early start time.

There will be a box for car keys at Information. Solo travellers: there will also be forms/envelopes for your use to help us identify your car should you be late back, please use them.

Protests & Complaints

There is a procedure which all competitors should follow if they feel that the Rules are not being followed. Any complaint should initially be discussed with the Event Organiser, using the Complaints/Protests form:

complaint protest form Sept2014.pdf

available from Enquiries.

However any approach should bear in mind that Event Officials are volunteers who have given up their valuable time to lay on the event, often under circumstances which are not ideal. If the complaint is not resolved satisfactorily then a protest can be lodged with the Controller. The Controller will then, if necessary, convene a Jury.


Registration will be in the Assembly field, and will be open from 10:00 to 14:00 for dibber hire, entry on the day, information, and issue of White and Yellow course maps, and thereafter for Information only. There will be a SIAC battery check unit near Registration. Note that the last start time for White and Yellow courses is 14:00; you will need ten minutes to get to the start.

Entries / Fees

Fees for Entry on the Day:

Colour coded non-championship courses:

Seniors: £8.00 Juniors: £4.00

There is no entry on the day for Championship classes. Entry on the day is available for Light Green, Orange, Yellow and White non-championship courses subject to map availability.


Link to start times

There are four starts:

Red (courses 1 to 4)

3.2km from assembly, approximately 40 minutes walking, good tracks and a short distance in open woodland

Blue (courses 5 to 16)

2.3km from assembly, approximately 30 minutes walking, good tracks and a short distance on rough ground

Yellow (course 17)

100m from Assembly, road crossing, approximately 5 minutes, open woodland

White (course 18)

100m from Assembly, on firm grass

Locations of exits to Starts are shown on the Assembly Area diagram above. Note that Yellow & White start competitors will be running across the route to the Blue and String courses; please give way to them. The only route between the Starts is via the car park. The Main finish is near the Blue Start. There are toilets near the Blue Start and public toilets near the Red Start.

Start times are available at Registration/Information and at each Start.

You MUST use your allocated time. If you are late: you must wait until the Starter finds a slot complying with the competition rules

  • two minute gap minimum
  • four minutes between club-mates

The actual start is a punching start.

It is your responsibility to get yourself to your Start on time. Please note that the Blue start is a Quiet Start. At the Start, please stand clear of the pre-start clock so that others can see it. Clear units and SIAC battery check units will be available close to the start.

Start Procedure

-4 minute: Call up/check name, dibber check, SIAC test

-3 minute: Pick up control descriptions

-2 minute: Blank map display

-1 minute: Instructions

Start: Punch, pick up map and start

SIAC users need to punch (dib) at the Start; the Finish is contactless.

Control descriptions will be available in the start lanes and also printed on the front of all maps, and on both sides of double sided maps. Control descriptions are pictorial for all courses except 17 and 18, which have text.

Competitors on courses 17 & 18 (M/W10A & B, M/W12B) and the White and Yellow courses must collect their maps and control descriptions from the Registration tent before heading to the start. Competitors on other courses who have pre-entered and have their own dibbers can go directly to their start.

Electronic punching

Mixed punching SportIdent (SI) electronic timing will be used, ie both SiAC (contactless) cards and older SI dibber (contact) cards will work. SI cards (dibbers) will be available for hire at no charge, but there will be a charge of £30 if lost. Courses 1-3 at the Individual require SI cards capable of holding more than 30 controls; dibbers will be available to hire free of charge if needed. There will be no contactless SIAC cards available for hire on the day; pre-booked SIAC’s should be collected at Registration.

Competitors MUST download after finishing even if you don't complete your course.

Finishes and Download

Courses 17 and 18 finish approximately 600m from Assembly; all other courses finish 2km from Assembly, near the Blue Start. Download is in the Assembly field per the diagram above. Please download as soon as possible after your finish.

Terrain and maps

Archerfield Estate:

Open Estate countryside with negligible climb. The area consists of small Estate ponds with Victorian age and style of planting. Good paths exist throughout with open country sections interspersed with woodland and trail. Estate farm buildings are out of bounds in the course planning and the Yellow course has a road crossing complete with a time out. Anybody having experienced Estate style parkland orienteering will find this terrain familiar.

There are two Estate style artificial ponds on the courses and planning avoids any temptations to cut the corner but parents should still advise juniors not to dip their feet.

There are various other users, generally speaking the public, who will cross the early parts of both the White and Yellow Courses. Consideration should be given to them along with the Estate who have kindly given us access for this event.

Archerfield Estate around the event parking has a new specially produced map at 1:5000 for courses 17&18, with contour interval of 2.5m. Map size is A4.

Gullane and Yellowcraig:

Red start courses, 1, 2, 3 and 4 start from Yellowcraig, and shall all have double sided course printed map so be aware of this.

Courses 1 and 2 scale 1:10,000; courses 3 and 4 scale 1:7,500. Contour interval 2.5m.

Blue start courses 5 to 16 start in Gullane Dunes and have a single sided 1:7,500 map. Contour interval 2.5m.

All maps for courses 1 to 16 are A3 in size.

Courses 1 to 16 all finish in Gullane Dunes.

There are multiple landowners throughout the Event area(s) and the coastal sections all have some form of management responsibility through East Lothian Council. The coastal area around the Blue start in particular has sensitive bird nesting at this time of the year. These areas have NOT been marked as out of bounds to preserve clarity of competition, but courses have been planned to avoid them.

The area is bounded by a number of prestige golf courses all of which are out of bounds for fairways, greens and tees.

Note also the number of controls on each course as some exceed 30 which are the limits of old style dibbers. Opportunity for long legs is limited due to the shape of the area along with multiple tracked/open terrains.

Both areas have coastal strips of complex and interesting dunes. Some areas have been planted over the years with coniferous woodland that have been partially felled in areas. Whilst slow run in places they typically offer interesting and varied orienteering. The northern plantation is much more open with fast winter running which can slow dramatically with summer growth. The open areas away from the dunes have numerous path networks and variable thicket growth which have been newly mapped. The majority of the area is moderate to fast orienteering. Paths offer very fast routes though shared with the public. Dunes and tussock are extensive throughout and generally offer moderate to occasionally fast running.

Not all paths and thicket growth are mapped for clarity of purpose. Brambles are mapped where there are wider affected patches and are to be avoided. There are areas of dense thorn growth in the southern extents of the area. Any routes through them will be fairly mapped to indicate passage. If there are no through routes indicated then this is genuine thorn fight territory. You have been warned.

Climb is very moderate in this area though those travelling south on their courses will encounter contours. There are interesting rocky coastal sections along the coastline which may be visited as the event is held during low tide.

All maps are new, surveyed 2017 by Stirling Surveys.

Classes and courses

Standard Championship classes and courses, plus non-championship colour-coded Light Green, Orange, Yellow and White.

Course number

Course colour





Junior age classes

Adult age classes



























M20E M18E

M35L M40L











M45L M50L










M55L M18L

M20L M21S










M60L M16A










M35S M40S

W18E W20E W35L W40L









M65L M45S


W45L W50L









M70L M50S

M55S M20S


W55L W21S

W20L W18L










M75L M60S

W60L W35S










W65L W70L

W40S W45S










M80 M70S

M85 M90


W75 W20S

W18S W21V

W55S W60S W80 W65S W70S W85 W90












Light Green













































Parents may shadow on the White and Yellow courses but they must be either EOD or post run Championship competitors. Shadowers must not take an additional map.


Results will be displayed on screens in the Assembly area.

Trophies and Prizes

Individual Trophies for M/W Elite (Winner, first Native Scot and first Scottish club member) and for all eligible class winners. Please refer to for eligibility guidelines for trophies.

Mementos will be awarded for 1st/2nd/3rd places in all Individual Long and A classes, to 1st in Adult (M/W 21+) Short classes and 1st/2nd/3rd in Junior (M/W 20-) Short and B classes; all competitors are eligible.

The prize-giving will be held along with the Relay prize-giving as soon as possible after the relay races on Sunday 21st.

If you have any trophies in your possession, please bring them to the Information tent as soon as possible after you arrive.


Our thanks go to landowners and managers for allowing use of the land and for their assistance to us; to our First Aid provider; and to the many volunteers from ESOC and TAY who have made this event possible.

Stuart McEwen, Muirfield Golf Club Paul Seago, Renaissance Golf Club
Ian Everard, Archerfield Golf Club Lady Elly Douglas-Hamilton, Archerfield Estate
Stewart Duff, Gullane Golf Club Mike Thornton, Scottish Natural Heritage

East Lothian Council

First Aid: Coast Medical

Overall Scottish Championships Co-ordinator: Graeme Ackland, INT

Planner: Mike Stewart, ESOC

Controller: David Rosen, SROC

Day Organiser: Anne Thom, ESOC 01506 671307 / 07798 646423

Assistant Organiser: Ewart Scott, ESOC

Organising clubs: ESOC and TAY

Posted on 21st May 17