Scottish Championships, 2016, Individual

Balmoral, Sat 21st May 2016

Hosted by Mar Orienteering Club. Sharing the same car park as the Relays in the grounds of the Royal Estate at Balmoral. The Assembly was in full view of Balmoral Castle, 400m away.

Official results

SOC Results by Class

SOC Results with Splits

Scottish Inter-club championships results

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Scottish Inter-club Championships

Congratulations to the two winning clubs, FVO (large club) and BASOC (small club).

Scottish Inter-club championships results

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24th May 16

Lost Property:
- One Emit brikke (black/red)
- A Vapro control description holder
- A thumb compass (green strap)
Please contact the Individual Race organisers.


Controller's report

Level A events are the most prestigious events intended to provide opportunities for competitors to take part in the ultimate orienteering challenges in the UK. The Scottish Orienteering Championships (Individual) was registered at this level, and I was asked as a Grade A Controller to make an assessment of the suitability of the terrain for this level of competition and furthermore act as Controller.

Competition Rule I of the Rules of Orienteering states that “The National Associations of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales may opt to register their Area Orienteering Championships as level B events if they wish to do so”. There were a number of aspects about the event that were or potentially would be non-compliant with Level A status, and it was agreed to change the event to Level B. This had advantages and no obvious disadvantages and a Level B at this venue would still give that “ultimate orienteering challenge”. Laser printing of maps would have had to be referred to the Event and Competitions Committee (?) and to the Map Advisory Group (?) as “all maps must be offset litho printed unless agreed otherwise” but it was felt that for cost and convenience laser was the only option.

My initial observations on courses included a) the M21E needs to be longer b) competitors would not appreciate going straight up the hill, especially from the starts and c) course shapes were generally very good with lots of changes of direction and different leg lengths but some longer legs should be introduced. The easier technical courses looked interesting, but would need some extra taped routes and addition of controls (especially on Yellow standard) so the juniors wouldn’t feel as if they were wandering into some strange forbidding forest.

John Mason and Trevor Ricketts as Planners were very receptive to the suggestions I made, including ensuring that the control descriptions were correct (the recent controller’s conundrum exercise at Glenmore Lodge showed that many orienteers were still not aware of everything that changed in 2004). Between them they racked up quite a few miles around the forest taping control sites, enabling changes, suggesting map revisions, setting out the controls and bringing in the controls. I made do with one initial recce and then a full-on day visiting 95% of the control sites plus some final problem agreement/resolution in the forest after the maps were printed. There was no possibility of finding sufficient time and energy to visit all control sites immediately before the event – Emit does not need waking up and the planners had a fool-proof method of ensuring they had put out all the controls in the right places including writing on the tape the number of the control that had just been set out against the control code on the tape.

No complaints or protests were received. There were some observations that control sites near the far start were difficult to find and the use of a green dot to represent individual Scots Pine tree was not readily understood (or even seen on the map by those with a degree of colour blindness). This was a complex area with few very prominent features near the start but there were attack points and final details were clear about use of the green dot in the western part of the area. A number of discussions related to the area of “green” forest near the large 4x4m boulder. This was (correctly) mapped as white forest because mapping relates to runnability not visibility. There was no clear vegetation boundary to mark the start of the green i.e. the numerous small trees in between the larger trees and no other mapping symbol was appropriate.

The winning times for courses were very close to the recommendations – M21E could have been won in 90 minutes but well done to Marcus Pinker for his efforts over the 12.1 km and 610m climb. Both M/W 18 and 20 Elites had times faster than the recommendations, but others sharing the same course were probably glad they were not longer. Only one course showed winning times significantly too fast – course 7 which included W45L and W50L. The course was planned using the correct ratios, so well done to Sarah Dunn and Hazel Dean (and M70 Andy Tivendale running the same course as M65).

Clare Pritchett and Caz Dudley along with other MAROC members did a great job of organising the event. Thanks are extended to Richard Oxlade (organiser for the Relays) for helping come up with a joint plan and joined up thinking for the two events to come together. Jon Musgrave as ever was helping facilitate things behind the scenes including access to this great area.

Colin Matheson, Moravian Orienteers

Pre event Info

UK orienteering leagueUK orienteering league

Scottish Inter-Club Championships

This event is also the Scottish Inter-Club Championships for the first time.

The Scottish Championships now replace the cancelled SOL 4 as a scoring event for league points 

So it's still the best 4 out of 7

UK Orienteering League

The event is the 9th in the series.


Co-Organisers: Clare Pritchett (MAROC) & Caz Dudley (MAROC)
Planners: John Mason (MAROC) & Trevor Ricketts (MAROC)
Controller: Colin Matheson (SOA)

General Information

Entries / Fees

Adult BOF member £16.00
Adult non BOF member £18.00
Junior BOF member £8.00
Junior non BOF member £9.00
Student BOF member £8.00
Student non BOF member £9.00

Online entry via

Entry on Day

Individuals: EOD will be available on all courses subject to map availability and start slots. The cost will be £18 for seniors and £9 for senior on colour courses/juniors/students.



Individuals – Sat 21 May

Car park open to competitors

& one way in/out

To be confirmed in final details

Provisional time: 9:30

One way in until 13:30/One way out after 13:30

Enquiries open 09:30 - 16:00

To be confirmed in final details

Provisional time: 12:00 - 14:30

Courses close

To be confirmed in final details

Provisional time: 16:30

Prize giving To be confirmed in final details

String Course

We intend that a string course will be available. Parents are requested to satisfy themselves as to its safety for their own child in advance of the latter’s participation.

Competition Information


Balmoral is a relatively new map of an extensive area on the Royal Estate. This is the second occasion that Her Majesty the Queen has allowed us to use the forest for orienteering. The underlying terrain is typical of the Scottish Highlands, but has been managed by the estate for recreational rather than commercial purposes. Consequently, it is very runnable, though hilly, with a sparse path network and plentiful contour and rock detail.

The competition area does include some estate roads and you may encounter a very small amount of traffic during the competition.

Please be considerate of the general public, estate staff and other competitors in all areas.


The map details including size, print and scales will be confirmed in final details.

Surveyed by Deeside Orienteering and Leisure Maps based on Lidar data and photogrammetric plot over spring / summer 2014 to ISOM 2000 standard.

Rock features have been marked if they are prominent - this means approximately 1m in height minimum.

Out of Bounds is marked on maps with purple overprint. Areas are Out of Bounds either to avoid sensitive areas or to avoid clashes between competitors on different courses. Please observe these area requirements.

A green dot has been used to show prominent old Scots Pine trees - in the western part of area.

The Gelder Burn (the main river running south to north through the event area) is out of bounds. Competitors starting from the far (red) start should only cross the burn at the marked crossing point (footbridge) marked.

Deer fences shown on the map are only to be crossed at the marked crossing points. The key deer fences are also shown with a boundary line.

Capercaillie are living in the western end of the estate. This area is marked out of bounds and no courses cross that area (Garmaddie Wood).

The large rock face in the south-east of the area is marked out of bounds for your safety. There are many other crags in the course area, some are substantial.  Please take care with selecting your route around crags


Preliminary Course Details:

Course No.

Course (colour)

Tech Diff


Course length / climb


Junior Age Classes

Adult Age Classes

        Length Climb   Men Women Men Women


Far (red)






Far (red)




    M20E M18E M35L M40L M21L W21E


Far (red)




    M45L M50L  


Far (red)




    M55L M18L M20L M21S W21L


Far (red)




    M60L M16A  


Near (blue)




    M35S M40S W20E W18E W35L W40L


Near (blue)




    M65L M45S M21V W45L W50L


Near (blue)




     M70L M50S M55S M20S M18S  W55L W21S W20L W18L W16A


Near (blue)




     M75L M60S  W60L W35S


Near (blue)




     M65S  W65L W70L W40S W45S W50S


Near (blue)




     M80 M70S  W75 W20S W18S W21V W55S W60S


Near (blue)




     M85 M90 M75S  W80 W65S W70S
13 Very Short Green


Near (blue)




      W85 W90
14 Boys L Green


Near (blue)




M14A M16B      
15 Girls L Green/ lt gr EOD


Near (blue)




  W14A W16B    
16 Orange/ Orange EOD


Near (blue)




M12A M14B W12A W14B    
17 Yellow/ Yellow EOA


Near (blue)




M10A M12B W10A W12B    
18 White/ White EOD


Near (blue)




M10B W10B    


Start Information

There will be two starts.

Start Lists

Start lists will be available via Oentries as soon as possible after 15 May 2016.

Start timing will be confirmed in final details.

Control descriptions

Descriptions will be printed on the map, with loose descriptions being available in the start lanes.

Warm Up Area

There will be a taped warm up area. Anything outside of this area should be regarded as the competition area and is out of bounds. There will be no toilets at the Starts.

Clothing Transfer

There will not be a clothing transfer.

Bibs / Numbers

There will be no race numbers or bibs.

Start procedure

The start procedure will be confirmed in final details.

There will be a start control or MTR box to check brikkes. There is no facility to clear EMIT brikkes.

The starts will be operated with a 4-minute call up.

It is a punching start not a timed or start gate start.

Competitors who are late for their start will only be allowed to start after the last start or in a gap, at the discretion of the start official. If the lateness is the fault of the competitor, they will be timed as if they had started at their allocated start time. Competitors who are late through the fault of the organiser will be timed with their real start time.


The finish and download will be in the Assembly area and in full view of the castle. All competitors must download after finishing even if course not completed.


Shadowing/pairs are not permitted on the Black, Brown and Short Brown courses. Shadowing (or taking part as a pair) is only permitted on the other courses. The person shadowing must complete their own run before shadowing and they must not pick up a map at the start.


These will be:

  • Displayed in the Event Arena
  • Available by WiFi in the vicinity of download SSID: OResults URL

Posted on 24th May 16