Scottish Championships 2016

21st - 22nd May

Hosted by MAROC and GRAMP. Classic orienteering in the grounds and forests of Balmoral Castle which lies some 10km west of Ballater on Royal Deeside, in the North East of Scotland. The car park was in the grounds of the Royal Estate at Balmoral. The Assembly was in full view of Balmoral Castle, 400m away.
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23rd May 16


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Scottish Inter-club Championships

Congratulations to the two winning clubs, FVO (large club) and BASOC (small club).

Scottish Inter-club championships results

SICC winning clubsSICC winning clubs

SICC large club winners FVOSICC large club winners FVOSICC small club winners BASOCSICC small club winners BASOC

Junior medals

Please email with name and address for any unclaimed junior medals and we will post them to you.


Information common to both days




The Balmoral map covers an extensive area on the Royal Estate. This is the second occasion that Her Majesty the Queen has allowed us to use the forest for orienteering. The underlying terrain is typical of the Scottish Highlands, but has been managed by the estate for recreational rather than commercial purposes. Consequently, it is very runnable, though hilly, with a sparse path network and plentiful contour and rock detail.

The competition area does include some estate roads and you may encounter a very small amount of traffic during the competition.

The estate will be open to the public during the competition. Please be considerate of the general public, estate staff and other competitors in all areas.


Surveyed by Deeside Orienteering and Leisure Maps based on Lidar data and photogrammetric plot over spring / summer 2014 to ISOM 2000 standard.

Embargoed area map

Embargoed area mapEmbargoed area map

General Information

Important Notices

  • Please enter the Individual race in advance on Oentries website.
  • This event uses EMIT timing and brikke.
  • Travel direction – access from A93 at Crathie and via South Deeside Road but note that event traffic should use entrance at Easter Balmoral and not use the main gates to Balmoral.
  • Car Park open for competitors at 8:30am and is beside Assembly.
  • Distance to Starts: less than 15 minutes’ walk.
  • The car parking field is unsuitable for coaches. If you intend bringing a coach or large minibus please contact the Organiser as soon as possible.
  • Leg and body cover is MANDATORY. Competitors are advised to carry a whistle.
  • The weather in North Scotland in May can be variable. Please prepare accordingly. A waterproof may be required for running in depending on weather conditions & if so signs shall be on display in the parking area.
  • No water will be provided on the courses or at the finish, please bring your own supplies. This is to avoid the environmental impact of cups, bottles, transporting water etc. The finish is close to the car park.
  • There will be limited rubbish collection facilities (bin bags, etc.). Please take rubbish away with you.
  • Please only use the marked off area for club tents and banners. There are cables buried in the vicinity of Assembly and we do not wish to damage them. Please help ensure that young children do not play with the security cameras.
  • Please do not enter any fields with ponies or cattle, and use only authorised gates / crossing points in fences as indicated. The Gelder Burn (the main river running south to north through the event area) is out of bounds. Competitors starting from the far (red) start should only cross the burn at the marked crossing point (footbridge) marked. Deer fences shown on the map are only to be crossed at the marked crossing points. The key deer fences are also shown with a boundary line. Capercaillie are living in the western end of the estate. This area is marked out of bounds and no courses cross that area (Garmaddie Wood). The large rock face in the south-east of the area is marked out of bounds for your safety. There are many other crags in the course area, some are substantial.  Please take care with selecting your route around crags
  • Please return any trophies to the Enquiries tent as soon as possible on the day.
  • Sheridans hog roast /burger stall with Angus beef burgers in local bread roll £4 & hog roast in a local bread roll with apple sauce £4.50.

Cancellation Procedure and Refund Policy

Mar Orienteering Club /Grampian Orienteering Club reserves the right to retain a portion of the entry fees in the event that the event is cancelled through influences outwith their control (e.g. weather, withdrawal of permissions).


In accordance with British Orienteering Child Welfare Policy and Procedures, we request that any person wishing to engage in any video, zoom or close range photography should make themselves aware of British Orienteering policy. Organisers reserve the right to challenge anyone who is giving cause for concern. If anyone has concerns about inappropriate or intrusive photography they should raise them with the Day Organiser.

Complaints, Protests and Appeals

In the first case the competitor should discuss any concerns with the Planner, Controller or Organiser (via Enquiries), dependent on the problem. If this does not resolve the issue then a Complaint should be made to the Day Organiser (via Enquiries). A Complaint should be made as soon as possible after the problem is identified and no more than 15 minutes after the last result being displayed.


Car Park Grid Reference: NO263949, Lat,Lng 57.039730,-3.215313
Postcode AB35 5TL (A93/B976 junction at Crathie).

Googlemap link  Streetmap link

The Scottish Relay Championships will use the same car park and event arena as the Individual. 

A one way in/out system for entry/exit will be in operation on the narrow single track road on the estate. Final details will confirm timing.

You will be asked to display a car parking pass in your windscreen – the castle will be open to the public and this will ensure that only orienteers park within the castle grounds.


Car parking is in a large flat grassy area close to the event arena/assembly. Please park tidily and as instructed by marshals. Car parking is included in the entry fee. Please avoid driving on the grass verges beside the entry/exit road.

Any coaches or large mini-buses and campervans will be parked by the Estate Office which will involve an extra few minutes’ walk to the event arena.


All competitors take part in this event at their own risk. There may be estate staff and members of the general public around so please be considerate to them (and other competitors) at all times. There may also be very limited estate traffic on the minor roads within the estate so please take care.

Out of Bounds Areas

The grounds are fully open to the general public at this time of year so apart from the wooded competition area, to the immediate south and south west of parking and assembly, very little else is formally out of bounds. Feel free to make the most of the opportunity to wander around, including in the vicinity of the castle. Please be respectful of the estate, its property and any estate workers or residents you come across. There are several security cameras close to areas we will be using. Please give them a wide berth.

Fields with Ponies or Cattle

Please do not enter any fields with ponies or cattle, and use only authorised gates / crossing points in fences as indicated. Please also report any unintentional damage so that we can remediate it after the event.

First Aid and Injuries

In Emergency Situations call the emergency services contact number: 999

The nearest hospitals with Accident and Emergency departments are:

  • Minor Injuries: Aboyne Hospital, Bellwood Road, Aboyne, AB34 5HQ Tel: 013398 86433.
  • Accident & Emergency: Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Foresterhill Road, Aberdeen AB25 2ZN Tel: 0845 456 6000

There will also be First Aid support available in the finish arena.

Please advise the First Aid providers if there are any medical conditions they should be aware of before you start your run or alternatively please email the organiser by Thursday evening 20th May with the relevant details and next of kin contact details. These details will be kept confidential/for emergency use only and will be destroyed after the event. Contact to be provided in final details.

Please note that participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety.

Event Arena

The event arena is next to the parking area. The arena contains toilets, traders, first aid, download, results, and a small marquee for competitors use.

An area will be marked off for club tents and banners. Please only use this area as there are cables buried in the vicinity and we do not wish to damage them. Please also keep off the cricket pitch. This will be taped off.

Sheridans hog roast /burger stall with Angus beef burgers in local bread roll £4 & hog roast in a local bread roll with apple sauce £4.50.


To be on a lead at all times and any mess to be removed.


Visit the Enquiries tent for any general queries, brikke collection, Entry on the Day, car key deposit, lost & found children, lost property, and complaints and protests.


Brikke will be available for collection. The charge for loss of a hired brikke is £48.


Toilets will be in the arena close to the car park.

Balmoral Tea Room and Toilets

These will be open and available to competitors and spectators. They are situated to the east of the Castle and a short walk from the events arena.


Thanks to Her Majesty the Queen and Balmoral Estates for allowing us to use the area and in particular to Garry Marsden, Estate Visitor Enterprise Manager for his great co-operation in all we have asked of him.

Thanks to St Andrews Ambulance for supplying the First Aid

This event would not be happening without the support and enthusiasm shown by the many volunteers from Mar Orienteering Club and Grampian Orienteering Club and others from within the Scottish Orienteering Association. Thank you to all of them.

Downloadable Documents

Final Details

Car Parking Pass

Posted on 23rd May 16