Scottish Championships 2015, Individual

Ardnaskie, Sat 23rd May 2015

Hosted by west area clubs. The individual race will be held at Ardnaskie, near Taynuilt, Argyll, a challenging area with few man-made features and complex contour and vegetation detail.

Results and Splits, British Orienteering points, WinSplits, RouteGadget.

26th May 15

Pronounced: ard-na-skee
Gaelic/Norse: Àird an Fhasgaidh

Final Details (17th May)

EckO, STAG, TINTO, FVO, AYROC, CLYDE and SOLWAY welcome you to the West coast of Scotland on 23rd May 2015 for the Scottish Orienteering Championships 2015 at Ardnaskie and Airds Park. We have been able to use these areas by kind permission of the owners, Lorne Nelson and Keith MacMillan.

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Start Times

Are available from

Important/Additional Information to Note:

  • This event uses the Sport Ident (SI) Timing.
  • Competitors are advised to carry a whistle.
  • A waterproof may be required for running in depending on weather conditions & if so signs shall be on display in the Parking field.
  • Full body cover is required.
  • No water will be provided, please bring your own.
  • The railway line is out of bounds at all times.
  • Please return any trophies to the Enquiries Tent as soon as possible on the day.
  • A car key drop is available at Enquries.
  • Please note information re. Cows shown below.

Additional Safety Information

Hygiene and Ticks: Livestock and deer roam the event area and their droppings may contain serious diseases, including e-coli, so please wash hands, especially before eating.
Ticks are abundant in the area and are known to carry Lyme's disease. Please check yourself thoroughly after your run. If you are unsure how to remove a tick safely then please visit the first aid tent.

Medical Information: If you have an underlying medical condition please email the Organiser by Thursday evening 21st May with the relevant details and next of kin contact details. These details will be kept confidential/for emergency use only and destroyed after the event. Contact:

Please note that participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety.

Cows: Achancloich is home to a fine herd of pedigree Highland Cattle. Part of the herd occupies the competition area and cannot be moved out as that might risk unwanted mixing of genes with other herds. Every effort is being made to ensure they are fed and located out of the way of the area used by courses. If you encounter a cow on your course please notify officials at download.

Travel and Parking


Car Park: Grid Ref. NM 950336 Postcode PA37 1PR, Lat/Long 56.44N 5.32W.
Link to Google Map, Bing Map (OS)

In fields to north of the A85, 3 miles (5 km) east of Connel Bridge. Traffic from the east should follow the A85 3 miles (5 km) west from Taynuilt. Please drive along this busy road with care as traffic may back up from the car park entrance. Field entrance is directly off A85 and will be signposted

Please note: If travelling from the East you enter the parking field by turning across the east bound carriageway. The A85 can be a busy and fast road so please watch for oncoming traffic before making your turn. Ensure the field entrance is clear before making your turn.

There will be a £1 charge for all vehicles. Please obey any instructions from car parking marshals on both entry and exit.

Entry on the day

is available for the colour coded courses only namely white, yellow, orange, light green courses, subject to map availability/numbers (go to the Registration tent).
Senior (Colour Coded) £8.00
Junior/student (Colour Coded) £4.00

Event Arena

The route to the event arena leaves from the NE corner of the car parking field and follows paths for 0.5km before joining a minor road for a further 0.9km. This should have virtually no traffic during the event and will not be marshalled. Please note the first 0.5km involves a stile so is not pushchair friendly.

The fields in the area and the assembly are part of a working mussel farm and it is possible that some farm debris (e.g. loose plastic floats and pontoons) may be encountered. Please ensure children don’t play with or climb on this.

Event layout mapEvent layout map

Club Tents and Banners - There will space for club tents and banners in the Event Arena.

Please note it is forbidden to walk around with banners or to use kites, remote controlled aerial cameras, or similar tall or flying apparatus.

The event arena will contain:

  • Enquiries
  • Finish
  • Toilets
  • Map collection for White and Yellow courses
  • Entry on the Day (White, Yellow, Orange and Light Green Non-championship courses only, Seniors £8, Juniors £4)
  • Relay registration
  • First Aid Provision (please advise the First Aid providers if there are any medical conditions they should be aware of before you stat your run
  • Compass Point (for all your equipment needs)
  • ScotJOS Cake stall with hot drinks and soup (please support)
  • Oban Spit Roast (Spit roasted pork, with homemade stuffing and apple sauce, served in a soft floured bap for £4.50, limited availability so get in quick!)

String Course (located half way between the parking and the event arena)

EckO invite you to participate in their free "Seaside String Course" with both string and off string controls. It would be helpful if competitors could bring their own dibber or a borrowed one if possible but we will have a limited supply for use. Unfortunately it isn't very suitable for buggies but if you have one bring it and see what you think!


Dogs are permitted in the event arena but NOT on the courses, and must be on leads at all times.
Please clear up any mess.


Start times available from

All courses use the same start which is 450m from the bridge over the railway line, 950m from the car park & 1.4k from the Event Arena.

The route to the start crosses a footbridge bridge (Crossing Point 1 on diagram) over the Glasgow-Oban railway opposite the point where route from the car park meets the minor road which leads east to the Event Arena. The bridge has a wooden surface and can get slippery when wet so please take care. There is an underpass to cross back under the railway line immediately before the finish (Crossing Point 2 on diagram). Please make sure all juniors are suitably briefed.

Start times from 12:00 – 14:30 hours. Call up will be at -4 minutes

Control descriptions will be available in the start lanes and also printed on the front of all maps.
Courses close at 16:30 hours

White & Yellow Course Maps

Competitors on the White and Yellow courses and courses 17 & 18 (M/W10A & B, M/W12B) should collect their maps and control descriptions from the Registration tent before heading to the start.

Please note:

  • There will be no race numbers or bibs
  • There is no clothing transfer
  • There will be toilets located on the way to the start from assembly
  • Bin bags will be available at the start for rubbish.

Course Information

The Elite courses will also include the area knows as Airds Park.

Course No. Controls Distance Climb Map TD Scale
1 22 14.2k 365m Pylons NOT shown 5 1:15000
2 24 9.6k 275m Pylons NOT shown 5 1:15000
3 21 8.0k 250m Pylons NOT shown 5 1:10000
4 17 7.3k 210m Pylons NOT shown 5 1:10000
5 15 5.9k 215m Pylons NOT shown 5 1:10000
6 14 6.0k 190m Pylons NOT shown 5 1:15000
7 13 5.2k 210m Pylons NOT shown 5 1:10000
8 10 4.3k 215m Pylons NOT shown 5 1:10000
9 12 4.7k 120m Pylons NOT shown 5 1:10000
10 9 3.8k 160m Pylons NOT shown 5 1:10000
11 9 3.3k 115m Pylons NOT shown 5 1:10000
12 9 2.6k 115m Pylons NOT shown 5 1:10000
13 8 1.8k 60m Pylons NOT shown 5 1:10000
14 16 4.4k 190m Pylons shown 4 1:10000
15-Lt Green 13 3.3k 125m Pylons shown 4 1:10000
16-Orange 15 3.4k 115m Pylons shown 3 1:10000
17-Yellow 14 2.2k 65m Pylons shown 2 1:10000
18-White 15 1.9k 45m Pylons shown 1 1:10000
Course Classes
1 M21E
2 M20E, M18E, M35L, M40L, M21L
3 M45L, M50L
4 M55L, M18L, M20L, W21L, M21S
5 M60L
6 W20E, W18E, W35L, W40L, M35S, M40S
7 M65L, M45S, M21V, W45L, W50L
8 M70L, M50S, M55S, M20S, M18S, W55L, W21S, W20L, W18L
9 M75L, M60S, W60L,W35S
10 M65S, W65L, W70L, W40S, W45S,W50S
11 M80, M70S, W75, W20S, W18S,W21V, W55S, W60S
12 M85, M90, M75S, W80,W65S,W70S
13 W85, W90
14 M14A, M16B
15 W14A, W16B, Light Green
16 M12A, M14B,W12A, W14B, Orange
17 M10A, M12B, W10A,W12B, Yellow
18 M10B, W10B, White

Terrain & Map Information

Classic Scottish terrain with an area of mature oak and younger birch thickets scattered across a cattle grazed marshy hillside on the southern shore of Loch Etive. The area has few man made features. Intricate contour detail combines with fast runnable terrain under the oak canopy and slow tussocky marsh and bog myrtle in open areas will challenge all.

There are extensive areas of bracken under the mature oak canopy but this has been well bashed down over the winter and the new growth has not fully emerged and so should not significantly hinder progress. Updated May 2015 by Ross Lilley.

  • Maps are laser printed (contrary to guidelines) with a Scale of 1:15000 for Courses 1, 2 and 6 and 1:10000 for all other courses. Contours are 5m.
  • Due to there being few line features some legs on Courses 16, 17 and 18 will be taped to aid navigation.
  • All courses except for Courses 13, 17 & 18 must use the compulsory crossing points to cross a fence in the competition area.
  • The railway is strictly out of bounds and competitors or spectators must not attempt to cross the railway at any point other than a designated underpass or bridge. Competitors use a bridge over the railway on the route to the start. All courses use an underpass to cross back under the railway immediately after their last control on route to the finish. There is an additional compulsory railway underpass crossing used by elite courses.
  • The competition area is bounded to the South by the A85 main road and to the North by the railway line. Both are strictly out-of-bounds & overprinted with Red Crosses.
  • For all courses except Courses 14 - 18 the powerlines have been removed from the map to enhance the navigational challenge.


Parents may shadow on the White and Yellow courses but they must be either EOD or post-run Championship competitors. Shadowers must not take an additional map.


All competitors must download after finishing even if you don't complete your course. On exiting download there will be a compulsory map collection area for all competitors. Please place your map in the labelled club bag. One representative from each Club should collect the whole map bag from enquiries after 2.45pm.

Results and Prize Giving

Provisional results will be displayed in the Event Arena both electronically and on a "Results Board".

Prize giving will take place in the Event Arena between 1530 and 1600 (or as close as possible to these times).

Individual Trophies for M/W Elite (Winner, first Native Scot and first Scottish club member) and for all eligible class winners. Medals for 1st/2nd/3rd in Individual Junior A classes and for 1st in Individual Junior B classes and M/W 18/20E. Mememtoes for 1st/2nd/3rd in all Individual Adult classes.

Protests & Complaints

There is a procedure which all competitors should follow if they feel that the Rules are not being followed.

Any complaint should initially be discussed with the Event Organiser, using the Complaints/ Protests form available from Enquiries. However any approach should bear in mind that Event Officials are volunteers who have given up their valuable time to lay on the event, often under circumstances which are not ideal.

If the complaint is not resolved satisfactorily then a protest can be lodged with the Controller. The Controller will then, if necessary, convene a Jury.


In accordance with British Orienteering Child Welfare Policy and Procedures, we request that any person wishing to engage in any video, zoom or close range photography should make themselves aware of British Orienteering policy. Organisers reserve the right to challenge anyone who is giving cause for concern. If anyone has concerns about inappropriate or intrusive photography they should raise them with the Organiser or Controller.


  • Organiser: Kate Hunter (EckO)
  • Planner: Ross Lilley (EckO)
  • Controller: Terry O'Brien (STAG)

Posted on 26th May 15