Scottish Championships, Individual

Dalnamein, Sat 24th May 2014


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Congratulations to our new champions, Claire Ward & Graham Gristwood.

26th May 14

Controller's Report

The 2014 Scottish Individual Championships will be well remembered for a great venue, fine courses, impressive organisation, superb weather and two outstanding practitioners of our sport in Claire Ward & Graham Gristwood!

My sincere thanks to the members from ELO, EUOC, INT, KFO & RR for their input to this project on the day which brought to fruition all the hard work which Ken & Janice had undertaken over the past 3 months despite numerous difficulties.

The original venue of Linn of Tummel was ruled out by 3 Controllers including myself primarily due to accessibility & parking uncertainties. Working in a “Solutions Orientated School” and in my role as SOA Operations Director it fell to myself to identify an alternative venue. Highland Perthshire has a wealth of Orienteering terrain but also a number of seasonal restrictions.

And so STAG agreed to offer Dalnamein to the East Area – our SOL was due to be held here in April 2014 – and put on an alternative event at Faskally . As many of you are aware this event became SOL 2 & was well received.

Dalnamein is part of Atholl Estates but the Estate was unable to offer us a field for parking cars at this time of the year. Thanks to Colin Matheson’s involvement, we received the “OK” from Police Scotland to park on the waste ground & cul de sacs either side of the old bridge.

Having sorted parking the Estate then informed us, I think about 6 weeks ago, that thinning was due to take place before the end of May in the western wood & we were to minimise our use of the open areas due to nesting birds. This resulted in fewer routes/controls particularly in the intricate eastern part & our hearts being in our mouths right up until arriving on Friday 23rd to site controls.

Late on Saturday afternoon, I was made aware that one car from “The North” – registration begins with “NU”, refused to comply with the request to drive back to Calvine/Bruar and despite being asked not to, forced their way out onto the A9 & turned north. As yet we have not identified who this individual was.

The future of Dalnamein remains unclear as the upgrading of the A9 to dual carriageway status may take away the area used for Saturday’s Assembly if not some of the woodland.

Thank-you for supporting the 2014 Scottish Championships.

Terry O’Brien, STAG

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Pre event Information

If you need a printed copy of these details you can either select Print from your browsers menu or CTRL-P and it should just print the main body text content with no headers or navigation, or just select the text and paste into a blank document if you want to edit out the stuff you don't want. This is to ensure the widest accesability of the info on things like phones & tablets, and allows last minute updates/additions if necessary without the risk of conflicting versions of the info.

Scottish Orienteering Association AGM

The SOA AGM will be held at 18:00 hours on Saturday 24th May 2014 in Blair Atholl Village Hall, Blair Atholl, PH18 5SG (OS Grid Ref. NN871653).

Competition Location

The competition and assembly areas are located approximately 7.5 miles northwest of Blair Atholl, OS grid ref.: NN754696 (opposite Dalnamein Lodge).  However, cars must not access the car parking or assembly areas at this location (see directions below).

Please also note that the underpass located between the 2 parking areas must be used to access and egress the assembly area.  You must not cross the A9.  The Organiser reserves the right to disqualify anyone found to have crossed the A9.

Embargo & Out of Bounds on the day

The competition area is under embargo to all competitors and their managers, coaches, family or other supporters until the competition.  The competition forest and moorland are out of bounds on the day, except whilst you are competing.

Special Notice

Unfortunately we do not have permission or licenses for traders, so there will be no traders.  Please bring your own food and drink and enjoy a good old fashioned assembly.


Parking is a concern, so please share cars if possible.

Parking split (please read):
The parking area is split, so the travel directions have been split to direct roughly the correct number of cars to each parking area (see below).   Both parking areas start opposite assembly so there is no advantage parking in the wrong location.  Unless you are approaching the event from an unusual direction please comply with the directions for the following groups:
- All minibuses and campervans – go to the western parking area.
- SOA East area, West area and Aberdeen clubs – go to the western parking area.
- SOA North area clubs (BASOC, INVOC & MOR) – go to the eastern parking area.
- All other cars (English, Welsh, Irish, foreign, etc) – go to the eastern parking area.

Link to a map showing the routes

Eastern parking area (too narrow for vans):
(BASOC, INVOC, MOR & English, Welsh, Irish, foreign, etc)

From the south (Option 1 – Direct to the event):  Follow the A9 trunk road north from Perth for approx. 40 miles to reach the Falls of Bruar / Bruar Retail Centre junction (NN821659).  Continue north / west on the A9 for 1 more mile and then at the top of the hill turn left at the Calvine junction (NN801659).  After 100 metres you reach the village speed limit signs and turn right on to the old road / cycle route (drive slowly (10 mph) and watch out for cyclists and cars).  Follow the old road / cycle route north for approx. 4 miles and park as directed.  If you are not parked in the cul-de-sac please park as far on to the verge as possible (but avoid any ditches) even if it means 2 doors cannot be used, as the old road is used as an A9 diversion when there is an accident on the A9.

From the south (Option 2 – Via Bruar Retail Centre for posh shops and toilets):  Follow the A9 trunk road north from Perth for approx. 40 miles to reach the Falls of Bruar / Bruar Retail Centre junction (NN821659). At the Bruar junction turn right off the A9 and after 50 metres turn left on to the B847 (use the Bruar car park and services) and then rejoin the B847 heading west.  After 1 mile you enter Calvine village and go straight ahead at the B-Road junction (ignore the sign for Struan).  After approx. 200 metres and shortly before the road rejoins the A9 trunk road, there is a small road / cycle route on the left.  Take this old road / cycle route (drive slowly (10 mph) and watch out for cyclists and cars.  Follow the old road / cycle route north for approx. 4 miles and park as directed.  If you are not parked in the cul-de-sac please park as far on to the verge as possible (but avoid any ditches) even if it means 2 doors cannot be used, as the old road is used as an A9 diversion when there is an accident on the A9.

From the North:  Follow the A9 trunk road south until you reach the Falls of Bruar / Bruar Retail Centre junction (NN821659) and then follow the directions given for the traffic approaching from the south (option 2) (see above).

Western parking area:
(Minibuses, campervans, SOA East area, West area and Aberdeen clubs)

From the south:  Follow the A9 trunk road north from Perth for approx. 45 miles.  Go past the Falls of Bruar / Bruar Retail Centre junction, past the Calvine junction and past the car parking area for approx. 1.5 more miles to reach the Dalnacardoch Lodge junction (also signed Trinafour) (NN722703).  Turn left.  This junction is less than half a mile up the dual carriageway so stay in the left lane and watch for the junction.  If you miss it you have a very long drive before any further junction is found for turning.  Do not turn on the dual carriageway as both lanes head north (obviously). 

Having successfully turned off the A9 at the Dalnacardoch Lodge junction head south east for 400 metres (signed Trinafour) and then turn left on to the old road / cycle route (signed Perth / Calvine) (drive slowly (10 mph) and watch out for cyclists and cars).  Follow the old road / cycle route for approx. 1 mile and park as directed.  If you are not parked in the cul-de-sac or the gravel area please park as far on to the verge as possible (but avoid any ditches) even if it means 2 doors cannot be used, as the old road is used as an A9 diversion when there is an accident on the A9.

Car Parking

Most of the car parking will be linear along the verge of the old road.   The old road is a national cycle way and used as a traffic diversion if there is an accident on the A9 trunk road.  It is therefore essential that cars park as directed, as far onto the verge as possible (but watch out for ditches) and do not fill gaps left between sections of cars.  Please ensure that everyone in your party knows to watch out for cars and cyclists in the parking areas. 

The route to and from assembly is via the underpass located between the 2 parking areas.  You must not cross the A9.  The Organiser reserves the right to disqualify anyone found to have crossed the A9.  Allow time to walk approx. 1km to reach assembly. 

Leaving the event

You must not access or exit the car parking area via the adjacent gateways / gaps off the A9.  The Organiser reserves the right to disqualify anyone found to have turned right off the A9 (other than as directed) or used the gateways / gaps to access or exit the car parking areas. 

There will be no exit from the car park before approx. 13:30 hours.   To leave the parking areas, you must U-turn and head back along the old road to the Calvine and Bruar junctions or Dalnacardoch Lodge junction.  Rejoin the A9 at the Calvine junction if you wish to head north bound.  Rejoin the A9 at the Bruar junction if you wish to head south bound.  The Dalnacardoch Lodge junction has an island so the junction is suitable for turning south as well as north (providing there is space on the island when you cross the northbound carriageways).

Please keep to the 10mph speed limit on the old road / cycle path and watch out for pedestrians, cyclists and other cars (especially non-orienteer cars as they may not expect to see another car).


Unfortunately we do not have permission or licenses for traders, so there will be no traders.  Please bring your own food and drink and enjoy a good old fashioned assembly.

The competition area and main assembly are reached by a footpath underneath the A9 trunk road.  It is forbidden to cross the A9, other than by use of this underpass.  The Organiser reserves the right to disqualify anyone that crosses the A9 other than by the underpass. 

The main assembly area (finish, download, results, club tents, registration / entries, information / SI dibber collection, relay registration, first aid, toilets, etc) will be immediately to the north side of the underpass.   However, there will also be a “run-through assembly” for the long courses, so please do not stray on to the run through and obey marshals.

Event layoutEvent layout

Club tents, banners, kites, aerial cameras, etc.

The assembly area contains a power line, which must be avoided by club tents, banners, etc.  Do not erect or dismantle tents or banners underneath or close to the power line as the poles can act as a conductor and cause electrocution.  As a consequence, club tents may be restricted to one (possibly two) tents deep, parallel with the run-in.   This may result in slightly limited room for club tents.

It is also forbidden to walk around with banners or to use kites, remote controlled aerial cameras, or similar tall or flying apparatus.


The event is not dog friendly.  With the busy and fast A9 trunk road adjacent to the car parking and assembly areas, and livestock in the fields it would be better if people did not bring dogs.  If you really do have to bring a dog you must keep dogs on a lead and in full control at all times.


Livestock and deer roam the event terrain and main assembly area and their droppings may contain serious diseases, including e-coli, so please wash hands, especially before eating.  Please bring something to wash your hands (soap and water, alcohol gels, etc).

First Aid

First aid will be located in assembly.  The nearest A&E hospital is located in Perth.

Terrain / Planner’s Notes

The competition area comprises a central area of mixed coniferous forest, bisected by a river, with open moorland on either side. 

The area is more runnable than you would normally expect in this part of Scotland, particularly as there is no bracken.  Good underfoot conditions mean that the slow run areas in the forest (light green) can be as fast as the fast run areas, while in contrast areas marked with the marsh overlay can be rough underfoot.

Most of the contour detail tends to be subtle and the point features fairly small.

The river bisecting the forested area is impassable after heavy rain, and it was decided not to risk a crossing point in the forest.  In consequence competitors on the longer courses (those using the East start) must cross the river at the bridge behind the finish, and turn North into the forest to continue their courses.   A viewing point will be set up so that friends and club members can cheer on runners as they go past.

The shorter courses stay largely in the forested area to the west of the river, with some also extending into the moorland to the West of the forest.

The White course is slightly longer than the guidelines recommend. This was unavoidable to ensure the correct technical standard, and winning times are still expected to be at or near the standard for a national standard event.

It has rained a lot in the past months, so there is a lot of soggy ground.  Transient wet areas have not been marked, but can generally be distinguished from mapped marshes by the lack of marsh grass.   Some extra transient watercourses were also noticed during planning, due to existing stream beds unable to cope with the volume of water, and these may or may not still be present at the event depending on rainfall nearer to the time.

The fence round the western part of the forest area is marked as a high fence.  Where it is totally uncrossable, a purple overprint has been added.  Otherwise it is in a very derelict condition and can be crossed through gaps in numerous places.  Please take care as there are old bits of wire hanging off both above & below head height.

The fence running East/West in the open area on the West side of the map, is also marked by the high fence symbol, but can be crossed with care through the strands (easier for the more wiry runners).

There are a huge number of deer in the area, and several fairly obvious (un-mapped) deer trails have been noted in the forested area.  So that elephant track you are following may not be heavy footed orienteers heading to a control site. 

The estate has asked us to watch out for ground-nesting birds, and if one starts up in front of you please try to avoid the area the bird has come from. 


Are bad this year, so please take precautions and check yourself carefully afterwards.


Updated May 2014.  Maps and loose control descriptions will be laser printed on
waterproof paper:  This includes the Elite maps.  See table below for map scales being used for each course. 

Control descriptions

Control descriptions will be on the front of all maps and loose at pre-start (minus 2 box).


There will be 2 starts (East and West).  Please see the table of course details to identify which start you should use.  The West start (reached via the south west corner of the assembly area) is up to 10 minutes walk.  The East start (reached via an old bridge at the east side of the assembly area) is 10 to 15 minutes walk.  The route to the East start shares the old bridge with the “run-through assembly” for the long courses, so please keep to the right, give way to runners and obey marshals.  There will not be clothing dumps or transfers.

It will be a timed start, so check your start time on the event web site or Fabian4 and arrive in plenty of time.  Late starters should go to the late start lane, where the official will start them when a slot becomes available (it may be a long wait).  Times will not normally be adjusted, but if you have a very good reason see the Organiser after your run (do not disturb the start team).

All Members of the helping clubs (ELO, EUOC, INT, KFO & RR) will receive punching starts.

Parents on a split start who cannot make their start time should go to Registration / Entries tent before their run.

There will be no race numbers or bibs.


Competitors take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety.   Full body cover is compulsory.  It is also strongly recommended that competitors carry a whistle and if the weather is poor a cagoule although such additional clothing is not compulsory unless the weather takes a turn for the worse.  If so, a sign shall be posted at the southern end of the Underpass.

Entries / fees

Championship courses were pre-entry only and are now closed.
Senior (Colour Coded)  £8.00 (£8.00 EOD*)
Junior/student (Colour Coded) £4.00 (£4.00 EOD*)
* EOD = Entry on the day and is available for the colour coded courses only namely white, yellow, orange and light green courses, subject to map availability / numbers (go to the Registration / Entries tent). 

Start list on the event web site or Fabian4:

Entry enquiries to Simon Firth: 

The Organiser and entries official reserve the right to charge £5 for enquiries and changes (especially if they are not the fault of the organisational team).

In the event of cancellation, the organising team reserves the right to retain all or part of the entry fees to cover any costs associated with the event.

Timing & SI hire

Sport Ident (SI) timing will be used.  Spare SI dibbers will be available for hire (free) for those that do not own one, but there will be a £30 charge if it is lost / not returned.  SI hire will be from the Information tent.

M21 Elite SI dibber collection will also be from the Information tent.

Start times

Start times from 12:00 – 14:30 hours
Call up will be at -4 minutes
Courses close at 16:30 hours
If the start band is extended for any reason, the course closure time will also be extended by a similar time (for the benefit of those starting beyond the normal band).

Championship Courses

Course Start No.
Climb TD Scale Classes
1 East 39 Yes 15.6 370 5 15 M21E
2 East 26 Yes 10.5 230 5 15 M20E, M18E, M35L, M40L, M21L
  East 26 Yes 10.5 230 5 15 W21E
3 East 28 Yes 8.9 225 5 10 M45L, M50L
4 East 24 Yes 8.2 170 5 10 M55L, M18L, M20L, W21L, M21S
5 East 22 Yes 7.8 205 5 10 M60L
  East 22 Yes 7.8 205 5 10 M16A
6 East 19 Yes 6.5 140 5 15 W20E, W18E, W35L, W40L, M35S, M40S
7 East 18 Yes 6.2 125 5 10 M65L, M45S, M21V, W45L, W50L
8 East 15 Yes 5.2 100 5 10 M70L, M50S, M55S, M20S, M18S, W55L, W21S, W20L, W18L
  East 15 Yes 5.2 100 5 10 W16A
9 East 15 Yes 4.8 125 5 10 M75L, M60S, W60L,W35S
10 East 14 Yes 4.2 90 5 10 M65S, W65L, W70L, W40S, W45S,W50S
11 West 11 No 3.5 90 5 10 M80, M70S, W75, W20S, W18S,W21V, W55S, W60S
12 West 11 No 3.1 65 5 10 M85, M90, M75S, W80,W65S,W70S
13 West 9 No 1.8 35 5 10 W85, W90
14 West 15 No 5.2 95 4 10 M14A, M16B
15 West 12 No 3.6 105 4 10 W14A, W16B, Light Green
16 West 14 No 3.7 80 3 10 M12A, M14B,W12A, W14B, Orange
17 West 11 No 3.2 65 2 10 M10A, M12B, W10A,W12B, Yellow
18 West 10 No 2.7 50 1 10 M10B, W10B, White


White & Yellow course maps

Competitors on the White and Yellow courses and courses 17 & 18 (M/W10A & B, M/W12B) should collect their maps and control descriptions from the information tent before heading to the start.


Shadowing / pairs are not permitted on any of the Championship courses.  Shadowing (or taking part as a pair) is only permitted on the non-championship courses on the individual day.  The person shadowing must complete their own run before shadowing and they must not pick up a map at the start.

String course

A string course will be available (near the west start)

Finish & Map collection

Elite maps will be collected at the finish and can be recovered circa 1630 hours or the next day.

There will be no water provided by at the finish.


Download is in the assembly area next to the finish.  Please remember to download even if you do not complete the course. 


Provisional results will be displayed near download and will be published on the SOA results pages.
A WIFI signal for results may be available near download. Connect your smartphone/tablet/laptop to the wifi access point soa-results and browse to

Leg / split removal

In the event of an issue being found with a control site (or sites) the Organiser / main officials reserve the right to exclude one or more leg splits from the final result times.

Prize Giving & Trophies

Trophies should be returned to the information tent. 

Prize giving for the Individuals & Relays will be at Newtyle Hill on Sunday at 13.30

Individual Trophies for M/W Elite (Winner, first Native Scot and first Scottish club member) and for all eligible class winners.

Relay trophies for M/W Open, 36-, 44-, Age-class and Junior Age-class.

Medals for 1st/2nd/3rd in Individual Junior A classes and M/W 18/20E and for 1st/2nd/3rd in the three Junior Relay classes.

Mementoes for 1st/2nd/3rd in all Individual and Relay classes.

Protests & Complaints

There is a procedure which all competitors should follow if they feel that the Rules are not being followed.

Any complaint should initially be discussed with the Event Organiser.  However any approach should bear in mind that Event Officials are volunteers who have given up their valuable time to lay on the event, often under circumstances which are not ideal.

If the complaint is not resolved satisfactorily then a protest can be lodged with the Controller.  The Controller will then, if necessary, convene a Jury.

If you decide to raise a protest or complaint you should do so as early as possible.

Risk Assessment / Safety

A comprehensive risk assessment has been carried out and will be on display in the assembly area.  Please read the risk assessment and take what ever care you can to keep yourself, others and the event as a whole as safe as possible.  Please note that there may be other risks not identified on the risk assessment and we ask that you take appropriate action to keep everyone safe.

If you have an underlying medical condition please email the Organiser by Thursday evening 22nd May with the relevant details and next of kin contact details.  These details will be kept confidential / for emergency use only and destroyed after the event.  Contact:

Please note that participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety. 

Please note that by entering this event you are accepting that your personal data will be held on computer and used for results and orienteering administration purposes necessary for the event / sport.

It is especially important that you:

  • only access / egress the event as directed (see directions above)
  • only use the underpass to cross the A9
  • maintain personal hygiene by washing hands
  • do not erect anything underneath the power line
  • do not cross, wash or play in the river
  • wear full body cover and check yourself for ticks


In accordance with British Orienteering Child Welfare Policy and Procedures, we request that any person wishing to engage in any video, zoom or close range photography should make themselves aware of British Orienteering policy.  Organisers reserve the right to challenge anyone who is giving cause for concern.  If anyone has concerns about inappropriate or intrusive photography they should raise them with the Organiser or Controller.


Many thanks to Julian Clarke and Atholl Estates (Land Owner)
Thanks also to Colin Matheson (SOA Professional Officer), Terry O’Brien (Controller), STAG (Venue / Map copyright), Janice Nisbet (Planner) and the volunteers from the organising clubs (INT, ELO, EUOC, KFO and RR).


Controller Terry O’Brien (STAG), Planner Janice Nisbet (ESOC), Organiser Ken Daly (INT) - contact:

Posted on 26th May 14