SOA BOARD VACANCY: Independent Director

We wish to appoint someone from one of the following areas: education, the charity sector, finance, the legal sector, governance, equality, volunteering, marketing and publicity. An Independent Director must have no material connection with The Scottish Orienteering Association and is therefore unlikely to be an active member, although knowledge or experience of sports or outdoor activities would be an advantage.

A full Job Description for this position is available on request from me, Roger Scrutton ( ;We would be pleased to hear from members if they have friends, acquaintances or colleagues from outside SOA who might be interested in filling this position.

Job Description

Independent Director

Appointed by

The Scottish Orienteering Association membership

Period of tenure: Three years from 20th May 2017


Voluntary unpaid


To help the Board of SOA shape and execute its strategy for the development of orienteering in Scotland.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Attend SOA Board meetings (normally 4 per year) and engage in correspondence between meetings to offer independent advice on the full range of SOA business
  • Ensure that the strategic leadership of the SOA is equipped with the skills and knowledge to meet inherent challenges
  • Maintain independent oversight of the policies, rules, guidelines and standards adopted by the SOA as a Scottish Governing Body of sport
  • Support the SOA in engaging with partners, funding bodies and other external agencies
  • Work with and provide advice to staff and volunteers as they deliver the SOA’s strategic objectives
  • Act as an impartial counsellor for Directors, staff, volunteers or members who might wish to bring forward confidential issues