WTOC2012 - TempO

Camperdown Park, Dundee

The event opened on a very wet day at Camperdown Park in with a World Trophy event in TempO.  TempO is the ‘sprint’ version of TrailO which will be included in the WTOC next year. In TempO all the control points are timed, and a time penalty of 30 sec is given for a wrong answer.  Each Federation nominated 3 competitors for the Trophy competition.

The Trophy was won by Swedish W20 Marit Wiksell with a total time of 220.5 sec (including 2 incorrect controls).  Second place went to Guido Michelotti (Italy) in 233.5 sec (1 incorrect) and third to Martin Jullum (Norway) in 268 sec (2 incorrect).  Tomas Lestinsky (Czech Republic) was the only competitor who completed the course with no errors, but his time of 278 sec was only good enough for 4th place.  The best British result was Ian Ditchfield in 337 sec (4 incorrect controls).
In the poor weather the café at Camperdown’s Wildlife Centre did a roaring trade, and the afternoon was enlivened by a fire alarm causing the evacuation of the Centre building. Two fire engines duly arrived and many photographs were taken. 

The trophy and prizes for the first three in the TempO were presented in the evening during the WTOC2012 opening ceremony.  A civic reception for competitors and officials was hosted at the Event centre by the Lord Provost of Dundee who presented the prizes.  Also present were Brian Porteous (IOF), Lyn West (British Orienteering) and Donald Grassie (SOA).

TempO Timed Control maps


TempO World Trophy results

TempO other International results

TempO Public results

TempO solutions

Mapper's comment and apology

The maps for Station 1, C1 and C2 are not the same as those the competitors had!  Their versions had the contours missing, just the index contours present.  Most competitors did not comment, they may not have even noticed, because both control problems were all to do with the trees. The contours were present on the C3 map.  A couple of competitors said they thought the contours had been left off the earlier maps to improve clarity. No, it was a cartographic error not spotted in time.  For OCAD specialists the explanation is that the default symbol on the palette is the contour and, if hidden symbols, such as flag positions and viewing points, are group selected to be deleted, the contour is automatically included but still appears on the screen as a grey line, not a missing line. I did not spot the omission in the final print.  Apologies.  It made no difference to the competition, fortunately.

Brian Parker

Last edited: 11th Jun 12

Image gallery

Under pressure-(credit:Colin Matheson)

Under pressure

IOF Vice President on timekeeping duties-(credit:Colin Matheson)

IOF Vice President on timekeeping duties

Athletes quarantine-(credit:Colin Matheson)

Athletes quarantine

Control card-(credit:Colin Matheson)

Control card

Results board-(credit:Colin Matheson)

Results board

Space was tight in the cafe-(credit:Colin Matheson)

Space was tight in the cafe

Fire alarm-(credit:Colin Matheson)

Fire alarm