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TrailO is a challenging event for foot orienteers as well as those who can't manage the physical challenge of regular orienteering.  Several of the competitors in the Open class at WTOC are also top orienteers in FootO, and current world champion Thierry Gueorgiou was a European TrailO Champion a few years back.  It's also a great training exercise and should improve your map and terrain interpretation skills.  So give it a try!

The Championship Events page contains most of the more technical and detailed information about courses, terrain etc. so check out that page as well.  Each day's course will be the same as for WTOC with the exception of the Day 1 TrailO course.

The Events

Wed 6 June TempO Camperdown Park Dundee
Thu 7 June TrailO model event Tentsmuir
Fri 8 June TrailO Day 1 Tentsmuir
Sat 9 June TrailO Day 2 Tentsmuir

The model event will be a non-competitive opportunity to gain experience of TrailO.  Days 1 and 2 will be at elite standard, with Day 2’s event will using the same course as the WTOC – elite international TrailO at its toughest.

Local clubs TAY and KFO will also be offering footO events on the evening of Wednesday 6 June and on Sunday 10 June.

Final details are now available here.

Entries and fees

Online at from 15th April, closing date 27 May. Limited EOD.

Fees: Pre entry

Day 1 £6.00, Day 2 £4.00, Day 3 £6.00, Day 4 £6.00, all 4 days £20.00.

Late entry/EOD

Day 1 £9.00, Day 2 £6.00, Day 3 £9.00, Day 4 £9.00, all 4 days £30.00.

All junior entries half price.

EOD will be extremely limited.

Start times

Start times will be in the afternoons, after the Championship events have finished.


There will be prizes for the top three on TempO, TrailO Day 1 and Day 2, as well as for the combined events.  These have been generously donated by CompassSport.


A limited amount of accommodation for people taking part in the public events is available at the WTOC Event Centre, West Park in Dundee.  Rooms are ensuite student study bedrooms which can accommodate one or two people and can be booked as room only, B&B or dinner, B&B.  For enquiries and bookings contact West Park on 01382 647171 and say that you are coming to WTOC.

Dundee is well provided with budget hotels, including several Travelodge and Premier Inn hotels.   There are also plenty of camping and caravan sites around St Andrews and Dundee. 

St Andrews accommodation

Camping in Fife  Camping around Dundee

Wednesday 6 June FootO at Camperdown Park

For details visit Tayside Orienteers website

Sunday 10 June FootO at Devilla Forest near Kincardine

Round off your week with arun at KFO's South of Scotland League event at Devilla.  Details for this event are now available at
On-line entry is possible until 5th June at Oentries

New to TrailO?

The IOF website has a 22 page downloadable PDF that is titled "Technical Introduction to Trail Orienteering for Experienced Foot Orienteers", and you are strongly recommended to read this before trying TrailO.

In order to assist experienced foot orienteers who wish to try trail orienteering and who would like to gain some familiarity with the format before stepping out on a course, this document has been prepared. It describes the procedures followed in typical trail orienteering competition and illustrates some of the principles of course setting and solution by means of a trail photo- O exercise.

You should also visit the About TrailO page to find out more about this discipline of orienteering.

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