WTOC2012 - Model Event

Thursday saw the event moving to Tentsmuir for the first of three days. This was a non-competitive model event which allowed competitors to see the style of mapping and examples of the sort of problems which they would encounter in the competition courses. A short course of 10 controls plus 2 timed controls was set out around the car park area.

Master map and solutions and TC

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That is Bravo-(credit:Colin Matheson)

That is Bravo

Your time starts now-(credit:Colin Matheson)

Your time starts now

The Grampian RDO under pressure-(credit:Colin Matheson)

The Grampian RDO under pressure

Open and Para map-(credit:Colin Matheson)

Open and Para map

GB team members-(credit:Colin Matheson)

GB team members

GB selection Para class-(credit:Colin Matheson)

GB selection Para class

Forest view-(credit:Colin Matheson)

Forest view

Depression south side-(credit:Colin Matheson)

Depression south side

Czeching the positions-(credit:Colin Matheson)

Czeching the positions