WTOC2012 - Day1

Tentsmuir North

Strong winds during the previous night caused one of the tents in the assembly area to blow down and the winds continued during the day making for a cold day. Competitors were bussed to the northern end of Tentsmuir and the course for the first day of the TrailO competition followed a loop of 2.3km with 20 controls (plus 2 timed controls at the start of the course).

In TrailO one point is given for a correct answer and the time taken at the timed controls is used as a tie-breaker.  In the Open class, preliminary results gave a surprise victory to Richard Ebright (USA), but a protest was lodged by Finland about the positioning of the flags at Control 1.  This was upheld by the jury and the control voided.  The revised results showed three competitors tied on 20 points and the timed control times gave victory to Antti Rusanen (Finland), followed by Stig Gerdtman (Sweden) and Ebright dropping down to third.

In the Paralympic class the leading competitor was Ola Jansson (Sweden) with 18 points.  With the same score but a slower time was defending champion Dmitry Kucherenko (Russia), followed by Pekka Seppa (Finland) with 17 points.

Photos from day 1 by Nick Barrable (CompassSport) and Colin Matheson (SOA).

Day 1 Master map, Solutions and TC


TrailO Day1 – Paralympic class

TrailO Day1 – Open class

TrailO Day1 – Public


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Image gallery

Pre start-(credit:Colin Matheson)

Pre start

The start-(credit:Nick Barrable (CompassSport))

The start

The start-(credit:Nick Barrable (CompassSport))

The start

Timed control Paralympic class-(credit:Colin Matheson)

Timed control Paralympic class

Wheelchair accesible sand-(credit:Colin Matheson)

Wheelchair accessible sand

Pushing into the timed control-(credit:Colin Matheson)

Pushing into the timed control

Ukranian judging the height-(credit:Colin Matheson)

Ukranian judging the height

Russian competitor-(credit:Colin Matheson)

Russian competitor

Japanese competitor in deep thought-(credit:Colin Matheson)

Japanese competitor in deep thought

Concentration-(credit:Colin Matheson)


IOF event advisor-(credit:Colin Matheson)

IOF event advisor

Dragons teeth-(credit:Colin Matheson)

Dragons teeth

Controls left and right-(credit:Colin Matheson)

Controls left and right

Para Timed Controls-(credit:Nick Barrable (CompassSport))

Para Timed Controls

Open timed control-(credit:Nick Barrable (CompassSport))

Open timed control

Jana CZE-(credit:Nick Barrable (CompassSport))

Jana CZE

Marit Wiksell SWE Tempo Trophy Winner-(credit:Nick Barrable (CompassSport))

Marit Wiksell SWE Tempo Trophy Winner

Marit Wiksell SWE European Champion 2012-(credit:Nick Barrable (CompassSport))

Marit Wiksell SWE European Champion 2012

Mark Heikoop NED-(credit:Nick Barrable (CompassSport))

Mark Heikoop NED

Wilbert Hollinger IRE-(credit:Nick Barrable (CompassSport))

Wilbert Hollinger IRE

Reigning World Champion FIN-(credit:Nick Barrable (CompassSport))

Reigning World Champion FIN

Ola Jansson SWE-(credit:Nick Barrable (CompassSport))

Ola Jansson SWE

John Kewley GBR-(credit:Nick Barrable (CompassSport))

John Kewley GBR

Controls 2 and 3-(credit:Nick Barrable (CompassSport))

Controls 2 and 3

Control 13-(credit:Nick Barrable (CompassSport))

Control 13

Control 13-(credit:Nick Barrable (CompassSport))

Control 13

Control 14-(credit:Nick Barrable (CompassSport))

Control 14

Controls 15-17-(credit:Nick Barrable (CompassSport))

Controls 15-17

Control 18-(credit:Nick Barrable (CompassSport))

Control 18

Controls 19 and 20-(credit:Nick Barrable (CompassSport))

Controls 19 and 20

Results board-(credit:Colin Matheson)

Results board