Championship Events

Course Details

Day 1 Course 2.3 km, 10m climb. Two timed controls, separate for Paralympic and Open, before main start. The pre-start, start and finish are remote from the main car park and competition centre. Competitors will be taken in and brought back by minibus.

Day 2 Course is in two parts, separated by a non-timed section. Combined length of the two parts is 1.9 km, 20m climb. Non-timed section 0.8 km, 0m climb.

Two timed controls, separate for Paralympic and Open, before main start, for all competitors, will be used to compute Individual results. A further timed control station, for team members only, situated in the non-timed section, will be used to compute Team results. Competitors will be taken by minibus to the pre-start. The finish is beside the assembly area and main car park.

Eligibility for Paralympic class

Athletes entering the paralympic class must have a valid (from 2011!) eligibility certificate. Applications for eligibility for the paralympic class must be made at least 8 weeks before the competition, ie by April 11th.

The eligibility application form has been updated. Please only use this form from now on:

Enquiries should be directed to Anna Zeelig at IOF.

Terrain Descriptions

Forested sand dunes, large and impressive on Day 1, lower and more subtle on Day 2. Paths and tracks are almost entirely firm going with some short loose sand sections for which special arrangements will be in place for wheelchairs. Some of the Day 2 paths are narrow, but passable for wheelchairs. We recommend that wheelchair tyres are wide and front tyres are as big as possible.

Map Details

Scale 1:5000, contour interval 2.5m. Some form lines are used. The maps are drawn to ISOM specification, not ISSOM.
All maps for Day 1, Day 2 Part 1 and Day 2 Part 2 will be A4 size, printed on waterproof paper.

Embargoed Areas

The embargoed areas of Tentsmuir and Camperdown Park are shown hatched in the image below. All potential WTOC2012 team members, team officials or any other people who could influence the results of the competition by knowledge of the terrain, are not allowed to enter the embargoed areas.
The most recent versions of the orienteering maps of each of the embargoed areas are shown below.

TempO Trophy

A World Trophy in TempO will be held on Wednesday 6 June at Camperdown Park, Dundee. Each National Federation may nominate three athletes to contest the trophy. The format for this competition will be announced in due course. Other WTOC participants may attempt the TempO course following the completion of the course by the declared team members. The TempO course will also be open to the public after the Trophy event finishes.

Classes and Entry Regulations

The Competition Rules for IOF Trail Orienteering events shall be applied to participation in the World Trail Orienteering Championships:

All competitors, regardless of sex, age or physical ability/disability are eligible to be entered for the World Championship Open class competition. Only competitors who have a permanent disability that significantly reduces their mobility are eligible to be entered for the Paralympic class. Eligibility is certified by the IOF. The application procedure for eligibility is described on the IOF web site: refer to Trail Orienteering/Eligibility for Paralympic Class.

The current Open and Paralympic world champions may be entered by their Federations in their respective classes in addition to the normal maximum of three competitors per class (Rule 6.5). For the team competition a team shall consist of three competitors with at least one competitor from the Open class and at least one competitor from the Paralympic class. Each Federation may nominate only one team (Rule 6.6).

For further details on classes and entry regulations please refer to the current Competition Rules on the IOF website

Organising Team

Event Director: Anne Braggins
Mapper and Planner: Brian Parker
In-Forest team: Roger Scrutton, Richard Spiers
Organiser: Anne Hickling

Event Controllers

IOF Event Advisor: Jari Turto (FIN)
National Controller (maps & courses): Anne Straube
National Controller (organisation): Dick Keighley


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Image gallery

View of Tentsmuir-(credit:)

View of Tentsmuir

View of Tentsmuir-(credit:)

View of Tentsmuir

Embargoed areas-(credit:)

Embargoed areas

Camperdown Park map-(credit:)

Camperdown Park map

Tentsmuir South-(credit:)

Tentsmuir South

Tentsmuir North-(credit:)

Tentsmuir North