SOUL 6, New Lanark, Oct 27

SOUL6, the second half of this year’s Tinto Twin took place on a newly mapped area starting and finishing in the World Heritage Village of New Lanark.
Results including the updated league table are here

Congratulations to the following athletes who have already sealed league wins for 2013:

Ben Brown M12-

Alex Carcas M16-

Kerry Wood W16-

Will Hensman MO

Kirstin Maxwell WO

Dave Robertson MV

Jane Ackland WV

Donald Petrie MSV

Amelia Petrie WSV

Sheila Strain WUV

but remember there are prizes for the first three in each category!


The W12- and MUV categories still have at least 3 athletes in contention and look very difficult to call. MUV could even go to a tie!

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