SOUL 3, Erskine, Jun 1

Results from the Erskine race here along with an interesting report by the organiser. Photos on the CLYDE Flickr site

Current SOUL standings here


Urban racing returned to Erskine for the 3rd time in 4 years.

Erskine (Park Mains) has previously hosted the WOC Sprint selection races (2010) and the NOPESPORT Urban League race (2011). For 2013 Patrick Walder is mapping a sizeable new area of complex residential and retail properties to the west of the current area (Bargarran and North Barr).

Courses led through a maze of small pathways between the houses, with many similar features, so concentration was crucial.  There were some open areas, school grounds and unexpectedly wild parts too.  All courses were well-planned, and challenging all the way through.  The weather was mostly fine, with a couple of showers, and the grassy areas were fairly dry underfoot.
Sally Lindsay (ESOC website)

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