SOUL 2, Perth, Feb 15

Inc.Scottish Sprint Orienteering Championships

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Well done to all the new Scottish Sprint Orienteering Champions and thanks to BUFF for supplying prizes for this event.
Photo Gallery taken by Crawford Lindsay

North Muirton, Perth is a complex modern housing estate. Mostly very fast running on hard surfaces, but there will be smaller areas of grass/park.

See the Tayside website for full details, Entries are now closed, there will be no entry on the day, other than for juniors and novices.

The Scottish Night Champs are the same day.


Scottish Sprint Champions 2014
Age Class Champion Club
M10 Ewan Musgrave MAROC
M12 Daniel Campbell MOR
W12 Alice Wilson CLYDE
M14 Joseph Wright MAROC
W14 Kerry Wood ESOC
M16 Rowan White INVOC
W16 Emma Wilson CLYDE
M18 Calum White INVOC
W18 Jennifer Ricketts MAROC
M20 Chris Galloway INT
W20 Rona Lindsay EUOC
M21 Murray Strain INT
W21 Fanni Gyurko FVO
M35 Will Hensman FVO
W35 Janine Inman FVO
M40 Roger Goddard FVO
W40 Heather Thomson ESOC
M45 Mark Wood ESOC
W45 Sarah Dunn MAROC
M50 Dave Robertson CLYDE
W50 Hazel Dean FVO
M55 Roger Coombs MAROC
W55 Maggie Scrugham ESOC
M60 Eddie Harwood MOR
W60 Janice Nisbet ESOC
M65 Phil Smithard KFO
W65 Heather Smithard KFO
M70 Tim Sowood INVOC
W70 Eleanor Pyrah ESOC
M75 Jim Clark ESOC

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