SOUL 4, Glasgow, May 11

Also NopeSport Urban League 4

STAG presented the bto SOUL 4 urban orienteering race in Glasgow City Centre on Sunday May 11.
Results in many formats are now available including RouteGadget, WinSplits, SOUL and BOF points.

An exciting new map of the city centre was used for round 4 of the bto Scottish Orienteering Urban League (SOUL). The entire city centre of Glasgow had been newly mapped presenting a number of new challenges for urban orienteers. All junior courses were park based to comply with BOF requirements. This race is also a Nopesport UK urban league event.

Mrre details on the STAG website

Current scores here after 4 rounds

From Ross McLennan's Attackpoint Log

Fine course from Terry and great new map/area, about time. Great to be back round some old haunts and great too, to see them spruced up. The real Glasgow, though, is a city like no other, made so by its people and, in the sunshine, they were out in force, a treat for a tourist:

Pre-start - a lovely smart parade, grey-haired fellows, blue-blazered, marching to cheery pipes and drums and whistles, orange pendants fluttering in the soft westerly.
At number 1 - a welcome party of young chaps, considerately guarding the control and recommending best routes, whilst enjoying the sunshine and light refreshment, didn't quite catch the advice; I'm sure it was helpful and motivational.
To 2 - hoards of brightly-clad folks - Persil white and grassy green shirts, shining in the sunlight, happy and singing, faces like warm embers, clutching amber drinks, beatific, as if strolling to Paradise.

So, quite a start! After that, it was just busy, with traffic and (fairly normal) folk. Got held up a few times and nearly run over some more, I'm sure all had a few scrapes.

I'm sure all who were there will appreciate the description's of the people we came across.

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