BTO Urban League 2017

Initial dates and locations for the 2017 season are now available.

After 5 years of coordinating the SOUL series from its inception in 2012 as a regional offshoot of the NOPESPORT (now UKUL) urban league, current SOUL coordinator Andy Paterson (CLYDE) hands over the reins to Pat Squire (INT). 

Date Club/Location
21st January EUOC – Edinburgh – Part of EUOC’s Big Weekend
5th February ESOC – West Edinburgh
19th February MOR – Lossiemouth – Scottish Sprint Championships
14th May tbc ECKO – Near Oban tbc
19th May tbc ELO – East Lothian tbc
2nd August Sprint Scotland – Ballater – Rest day of the Scottish 6-Day
20th August tbc STAG – Near Glasgow tbc
23rd September BASOC – Part of Highland Wolf Weekend
14th October tbc INT – Part of INTrepid Weekend tbc
November FVO – tbc
November TINTO – tbc
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BTO Urban League guidelines

Updated for 2017

SOUL events should follow as closely as possible the comprehensive BOF Urban events guideline (Rules of Orienteering Appendix B, section11), the May 2016 version of which can be found here.

This provides guidance on course lengths, combinations and specific advice regarding safety for juniors.

The main change is the introduction of new Hypervet classes (75+).

BTO Urban League 2016

Final Podiums Announced

The 2016 series is now over and the podiums are listed below. The prize-giving will be at EUOC big weekend on 21st January, with prizes for top 3 in each class!

The successful partnership with BTO solicitors continued and we had 9 fantastic urban races. A mix of sprint and classic urban races from Aberdeen in the NE to newly mapped Paisley in the SW, and two World Ranking Events.
bto SOUL series results

Event Date Location Club Details
SOUL 1 Sat Jan 23 Edinburgh EUOC Website
SOUL 2 Sun Feb 7 South Queensferry ESOC Website
SOUL 3 Sun Apr 3 Paisley CLYDE Website
SOUL 4 Sat Apr 9 Livingston INT Website
SOUL 5 Sat Jun 25 Aberdeen Westhill GRAMP Website
SOUL 6 Sat Jul 16 Falkirk (WRE) SprintScotland Website
SOUL 7 Sun Jul 17 Stirling (WRE) SS/FVO Website
SOUL 8 Sat Sep 10 Kingussie BASOC Website
SOUL 9 Sun Nov 13 Lanark Tinto Website
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Tinto Twin 2016

including bto SOUL9

12-13th November

The 29th Tinto Twin will be a Night Event at Carmichael Estate on Saturday 12 November and  on Sunday 13 November in Lanark using the urban map where the middle distance courses will also be the final race in the 2016 bto Scottish Orienteering Urban League.

Full results for the whole weekend are now published.

Tinto logo

BTO SOUL 8, Lanark, Nov 13

Part of the Tinto Twin

The event centre will be the Lanark Lifestyles Centre. Parking will be in the centre car park and enquiries will be in the Centre where changing facilities will also be provided. A cafe and swimming pool are also available. Details on the Tinto website.
Being paired with the night event on Saturday makes this a great weekend.


BTO SOUL 5, Aberdeen Westhill, June 25

BTO Solicitors extend SOUL series sponsorship

BTO SOUL 4, Livingston, Apr 9

BTO SOUL 3, Paisley, Apr 3

BTO SOUL 2, Sth Queensferry, Feb 7

BTO SOUL 1, Edinburgh, Jan 23

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SOUL series 2012 final event and prizegiving

Change to guidelines for junior courses

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