SOL4, Auchingarrich, Jun 9

Results for SOL 4 available here

Last used for the Scottish Championships in 2011, Auchingarrich will provide you with a first-class technical and physical orienteering challenge. More details on the Tayside Orienteers website.

Final instructions are scheduled to be loaded onto the TAY website on Sunday evening.  Start times are from 10.30 to 12.30 and will be published asap following the close of entries.  A further reminder that the 'new' Auchingarrich Wildlife Centre café and balcony provides excellent food/drinks and are great places to study and analyse courses after your run.

For those who have not tried the unique experience of orienteering at Auchingarrich, it presents one of the most intense navigational challenges of any Scottish area with its high proportion of 'fight' disected by a complex network of rides, ways through and ditches, peppered with a good variety of boulders and crags as well as some marshes.  There are also two areas of open hill and runnable areas of deciduous and larch woodland.  One of the delights of the area is that forest machinery has not yet been introduced, so there are no brashings, and if you get your navigation right, the area is very runnable; but if you don't ...

Grant Carstairs is planning the courses with help from Mike Stewart who planned the Scottish Champs there; Donald Grassie is controlling.

Full details on the TAY website.  Key info is that the event will be based at the Wildlife Park, but we would encourage car sharing as we have to leave the main car park open for 'normal' visitors.  There will be a high start and low finish and a lot of good orienteering in between.  We will not be using Mill of Fortune.


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Last edited: 09th Jun 13