Compass Point Scottish O League 2014

Final Scores

Scores after SOL7 now available by course and age class.

Note that runners from outside of the UK and Ireland are non-competitive for the SOL series. This means that their times are not included when calculating mean times and standard deviations and so they do not influence the scores of other runners. As with all non-comp runners, their scores (derived from the times of all UK runners) are shown in the listings by course.

Hopefully these are all correct, but let me know of any errors. A summary of the results appeared in SCORE, December 2014.

League events for 2014

  Date Club Location  
SOL 1 Mar 16 KFO Devilla Forest Results
SOL 2 Apr 6 STAG / ScotJOS Faskally Results
SOL 3 Apr 27 CLYDE Dunrod Hill Results
SOL 4 Jun 22 MOR (Moray Mix w/e) Lossie Forest Results
SOL 5 Sep 14 ESOC Craig a'Barns Results
SOL 6 Sep 28 BASOC (Highland Wolf w/e) Highland Results
SOL 7 Oct 18 MAROC (Race the Castles w/e) Balmoral Results


Downloadable Documents

SOL 2014 final by course

SOL 2014 final by age class

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