Scottish O League 2010

Final league tables for 2010 are available, here by course, and here by age class..

These should be the final tables - as always errors may have crept in, and it is possible that not all information has been supplied regarding non-competitive shadowed juniors.

A total of 1121 runners scored points (this does double-count people who ran more than one course during the year). 111 of these were from MAROC!

On all courses, except junior B courses, GRAMP provided 10 course winners, ESOC 7 and MAROC 6.  Giving 3 points for 1st place, 2 for 2nd and 1 for 3rd, GRAMP score 47 points, followed by ESOC 37, MAROC 33, INT 22, FVO 19, STAG and CLYDE 14, ECKO 13, INVOC 12, RR 11, KFO and MOR 10 and 9 other clubs <10.

Trophies will be presented at time and place to be announced. We have relocated 2 trophies following the Tinto Twin (these having been packed away during the monsoon at SOL7 2009 - rumours that Noah wanted two trophies for the Ark are probably not far from the truth after that particular deluge), and hope to have a full set to give out.

‘Run of the year’ goes to Katrina McLeod (W16; GRAMP) for scoring 1423 points at Tentsmuir on Green.

Any thoughts or comments on the SOL scoring system for 2011 are welcome - it seems to work out well enough for the different age classes. Comparing between age classes on the same course works well enough too (and is less important), although older juniors (especially W16, but also M16) do consistently out-perform others on their courses. Thanks to everyone for information on shadowed younger juniors, and to organisers for reminding parents of the rules regarding this.

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