SOL 6, Wood of Easter Clune, Oct 6

MAROC invited you to a weekend of orienteering. On Saturday, SOUL 5 around the streets of Banchory and Sunday SOL 6.
Results available on the MAROC website

On Saturday take on SOUL 5 around the streets of Banchory and on the Sunday come and join us for some quality orienteering in what for most people will be a brand new Deeside area.

Wood of Easter Clune is MAROC terrain covering much of the old Feughside map but only those orienteers of a certain age and with long memories will have much recollection of it. It was last used many years back. Remapped earlier this year the area, although not large, provides some excellent, and very varied, technical challenges. The majority consists of a forested hill and contains plenty of detailed rock and contour features. The underfoot runnability is very varied ranging from a clean forest floor, to heather or tussocky grass. Visibility in the forest is mainly very good. The open part consists of cattle grazed rough hillside with some areas of detailed contours, and will generally provide for fast running.

Course lengths (subject to final controlling checks): -

Black 10.6 Km (Class - M21)
Brown 9.5 Km (Classes - M18, M20, M35, M40)
Short Brown 7.6 Km (Classes - W21; M45, M50, M21S)
Blue 6.3 Km (Classes - W18, W20, W35, W40; M16, M55, M60, M35S, M40S)
Short Blue 4.8 Km (Classes - W45, W50, W21S; M18S, M20S, M65, M45S, M50S)
Green 4.3Km (Classes - W16, W55, W60, W35S, W40S; M70, M60S, M55S)
Short Green 3.5 Km (Classes - W18S, W20S, W65, W70, W75, W80, W50S, W55S, W60S, W45S M75, M80, M70S, M65S)
Light Green 3.5 Km (Classes - W14, W16B; M14, M16B)
Long Orange 5.1 Km
Orange 2.7 Km (Classes - W12, W14B; M12, M14B)
Yellow 2.6 Km (Classes - W10, W12B; M10, M12B)
White 1.8 Km (Classes - W10B; M10B)Full rules for SOL can be found at SOL Competition Rules

Travel directions: Leave Banchory on the B974 heading south and drive for 12km straight through Strachan and on to Finzean. Turn down the minor road opposite Finzean Hall. Drive for a further approx 1 km. Parking will be in a field on the right hand side.
Start times will be from 10:30 onwards.

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