SOL 5, Errochty, Sep 23

STAG invited you to their 30th Anniversary Event incorporating the Senior Home International Individual races and the 5th event in the 2012 Scottish Orienteering League.
Full results, Routegadget and WinSplits

Full details on the STAG website

Located on the southern slopes of Glen Errochty, the forest has only been used for major events since being originally mapped in 2002.

2002 – Junior Home Internationals Individual
2004 – Scottish Championships Individual & Relays
2007 – STAG National Event incorporating the Veteran Home Internationals.

The 2007 map, revised by Stirling Surveys was highly praised and they are pleased to confirm that an up-dating of vegetation is planned before the September event.


Organiser – Pauline McAdam (STAG)

Planner – Terry O’Brien (STAG)

Controller – Lynne Walker (ECKO).

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Last edited: 17th Sep 12