Scottish O League 2009

The FINAL SOL League Table after SOL 7 has been published with a couple of minor corrections here

New table showing scores grouped by course (rather than age class) added for information only here.

A reminder that the SOL table is based on runners’ best FOUR scores.

The class table shows points scored by runners who are running ‘down’ one or more courses and so are not eligible for SOL trophies, marked ‘nc’. These runners are not used in calculating the course means and standard deviations, so their performances do not affect other people’s scores.

Points for the White course have been added - this is a non-competitive course and no prizes are awarded. Pairs and shadowing have been allowed. These scores are so that beginners get to see their names in the league table - views differ about whether we should publish points, or rank orders, for the White course and how this course is handled in the league will be reviewed for 2010.

The table at the top of the page shows the 10 highest scoring runners across all classes.

A second version of the league table has been added, showing points grouped by Course. The points here are identical to those grouped by class, but this format makes direct comparison easier, which some people have asked for. Adults running TD2-4 courses are included here.

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Last edited: 26th Dec 09