World Trail Orienteering Championships 2012

The world’s best are coming to Scotland in June for the World TrailO Championships, the first time that this has been held in Britain. The event will be based in Dundee.
There will also be a full 4-day programme of spectator events open to all to try this orienteering discipline which challenges your map and terrain interpretation skills.

25th Jan 12

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A World Trophy in TempO will be staged at Camperdown Park, followed by a model event and two championship days at Tentsmuir, which offers outstanding terrain for TrailO.

On the last day the spectator event will have the same course as the WTOC competitors – test yourself against the best in elite international TrailO at its toughest.

Following on straight after the Jubilee Weekend, WTOC2012 will make it a full week of Scottish orienteering, and with a couple of Foot-O events thrown in as well during the week, you will be able to do 11 varied events over 9 days.  The WTOC spectator events are supported by CompassSport.

More details on the WTOC 2012 website

The organising team is still looking for more volunteers to help with the running of WTOC and the spectator events.  If you can help please contact the organiser Anne Hickling {encode="" title=""}

Photo of authorPosted on 25th Jan 12
by Anne Hickling