World Schools Orienteering Championships, 2011

The Scottish Team has returned home after a successful trip to the World Schools Orienteering Championships being held in Northern Italy last week.
Summary below and a full report from Blair Young on the Scottish Schools Orienteering website.

03rd Jun 11

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18 young orienteers travelled out to compete in the event against other nations from across the world. There were two individual races - a long distance and a middle distance - with the best 3 results from each day combining to give a team result. The event finishes with a friendship relay which is always great fun.

The W2 girls school team from Banchory Academy finished in a fantastic BRONZE medal position overall following Jennifer Ricketts’s GOLD medal in the middle race and 4th place in the long race.

The W2 girls select team finished in 8th place with Bronwyn Matthews achieving a podium position in 6th place in the middle race.

The M2 boys school team from Aboyne Academy finished in 8th position and the M2 boys select team finished in 6th place overall.

There were more podium appearances after the friendship relay with Matthew Galloway’s team finishing in 6th place.

Huge congratulations to all the athletes. Results and photos are available from the event website:

D2 Girls School Team (Banchory Academy): Jennifer Ricketts, Kirsten Brown, Megan Getliff and Evelyn Mason
W2 Girls Select Team: Bronwyn Matthews, Maddy Tonner, Jessica Stuart and Cara McMurtrie

M2 Boys School Team (Aboyne Academy): Brad Arthur, Alistair Walker, Ian Johnson, Oliver Ford-Bryant and Iain Campbell
M2 Boys Select Team: Callum White, Luke Foss, Sasha Chepelin, Matthew Galloway and Matthew Murray

Photo of authorPosted on 03rd Jun 11
by Kate Robertson