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Notes of the open meeting held in Edinburgh on 1st September are now available.  Additional constructive thoughts are welcome, as the Development Plan will be finalised by the end of September.

05th Sep 12

These notes summarise the discussion and presentation at the open meeting.  They do not include the Organising Committee meeting that was held in the morning.

Initial discussion of what we understand by “Development” produced these points:

Groups then used 2 further whiteboards to record (a) Opportunities and good ideas and (b) Issues and concerns. (PDF's available below)

Later discussion also mentioned the issue of people who don’t join because they don’t want to help, and how to get people to come to events and activities.

The issues and concerns must be accepted and mitigation found (or their impact simply accepted).  Whilst some of those present feared volunteer overload, others suspected cherry-picking of the best jobs by people from outside Scotland.   There is no magic wand but I believe that by spreading workload, developing skills and planning ahead, the impact of WOC can be eased.  All key posts are being advertised, either by Dave Peel (Event Director) or by Linda Cairns (Volunteer Manager), and anyone can apply.

If the desired effect is achieved, we should see a significant increase in interest in our sport.  It is vital that we position ourselves to be able to take advantage of this.  There are many aspects to this, and I will be producing further guidance for clubs. 

I  then delivered my prepared presentation.  Participants contributed additional detail which was noted.  Additional comments included:

  • club websites need to be improved;  sell the sport effectively, make it easy for newcomers to find out how to try the sport (also SOA and BOF sites), include a WOC portal on every club website
  • development of GB elites – regions & clubs could offer support in kind eg. free use of OCAD files, bed space when training, free SOL entries etc..
  • terminology and message need to be consistent
  • get the product right and get it on TV in the UK (also YouTube?)

I will prepare a support pack for clubs, to include a suggested action plan and media pack (help from others welcome).  Enthusiastic individuals will be asked to take particular ideas forward.

I will also create a “skills audit” spreadsheet which clubs can use for their own planning with or without personal visit and discussion.

Downloadable Documents

What is Development
whiteboard notes

Opportunities and Ideas
whiteboard notes

Concerns and Issues
whiteboard notes

WOC2015 Development and Legacy
14 slide presentation on Development and Legacy by Hilary Quick

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